All About Tommy Highers Obituary In Michigan

Tommy Highers, a man who served 26 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit, has died on November 14, 2021. Along with his brother, Raymond Highers, he was wrongfully accused and was sentenced to a life sentence without parole in 1987.

Who Is Tommy Higher?

Tommy Higher was an individual from Michigan known for being wrongfully accused of the murder of Robert Karey. This murder case was crucial because it questioned the integrity of the American court system; a man lost his youth for a crime he didn’t commit.

Tommy’s death has shocked his family and the followers, observing him since his exoneration. Although Tommy is no more, he would be remembered as mistreated by the justice system that was meant to protect him.


The death cause of Tommy Highers is still unknown to the public. The deceased family has not said anything about the reason behind the untimely death of Tommy. Maybe Tommy’s family is still processing the loss of a loved one, so they have not shared anything.

His family has come forward and shared their condolence to Tommy, reminiscing the old happy days they had together. They have discussed this in Dignity Memorial. Tommy touched so many people when he was alive can be seen through the condolence.

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