Claudia Dipippa Biography, Nationality, Family, Marital Life, Spouse and His Occupation

Claudia Dipippa is the wife of a popular ganger and mafia, John Alite. The couple had got married in around 1990. John was a former Gambino Crime Associate.

Profile Summary

Full Name Claudia Dipippa
Gender Female
Marital Status Married
Spouse John Alite
Children Two – a Son and a Daughter
Famous as Wife to famous mobster, John Alite

Marital Life of Claudia Dipippa

Claudia’s husband John was married to Carol Alite before getting married to herself. The former couple had two children but got separated soon. One of the reasons for their separation is John’s affair with Claudia. Claudia Dipippa has a daughter and a son with John Alite. Their daughter’s name is Chelsea, and the son’s name is Jimmy. It is said that John laments and feels frustrated about his young kids because he was not able to invest more time and energy in them when they required him the most. He spent over ten years in jail.

Claudia Dipippa’s husband, John Alite
Claudia Dipippa’s husband, John Alite

So, Claudia is now a stepmother to two children. Therefore, Claudia is a mother of four children. As per the sources, it is believed that she detests John’s ex-wife Carol Alite. John and Claudia are still known to give their children monetary help. The gangster’s wife definitely has a very complicated family structure. Claudia is a sister of one of the Gambino family Associates. Despite being so deeply related to the mafia family, she does not have any criminal records.

Who is Claudia Dipippa’s Spouse, John Alite?

Former Gambino mobster John Alite contributed to the series, Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia, and it covers how the Five Families managed to wreak havoc on businesses and civilians for years during this time. John offered his perspective on the crimes he used to commit, and how he reformed his ways since getting caught, being a well-known notorious mobster.

One Would Ask Why Did Claudia’s Spouse, John Alite Go To Prison?

Here’s the answer to that, John was part of the Gambino family, and he worked in both New York and Tampa, Fla. In 1995, he conspired with Charles Carneglia to kill his former best friend, Junior. Later that year, John was arrested for illegally having a firearm. He spent three years in prison, and shortly after his release, he violated the terms of his parole. He spent an additional three months in prison as a result.

In 2004, John fled to Brazil when he learned that many of his fellow mobsters were being charged with racketeering. He was extradited in 2006, and he agreed to testify against several other mafia members, including Junior and Charles Carneglia, in exchange for a lighter sentence. Two years later, he pleaded guilty to two murders, eight shootings, four conspiracies to commit murder, and two armed robberies. The extent of his actual crimes appears to be much worse, and it’s estimated that he’s killed at least six people, and assaulted upwards of 100 people with a baseball bat.

In 2011, John was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he was released less than a year later. He was given a supervised release in January of 2012, but he returned to prison after violating his release in 2015. After spending another three months behind bars, John was released again. Though his allegiance was initially to the Gambino family, John now has a reputation of being a rat because of his work as an informant to the police.


John Alite, the former mafia member now works as a motivational speaker, and he urges young people not to get caught up in organized crime. He also hosts a podcast The Johnny and Gene Show, along with former Bonanno member Gene BorrelloHe contributed to Fear City, and he discussed how the Five Families would come together for a greater cause: money.

“A lot of times, different families work with each other, depending on what the situation is. If it’s something that the commission of the mob agrees on, they’ll send somebody from any of the families, or jointly. It’s a collaboration of making money is what the street’s about. It’s not about fighting with each other, it’s not about killing each other,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s about making a dollar together.”

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