Colestein Veglin Biography, Real Age, Nationality, Family, and Myth Surrounding His Personality

Colestein Veglin is a legend that started way back in the late 1800s in Newark, New Jersey. The man or the myth is generally famous for having frighteningly lived for 617 years.

Profile Summary

Full Name Colestein Veglin
Gender Male
Date of Birth – Date of death Born in the year 1261 and died in the year 1878.
Marital Status Marred – As recorded.
Nationality/Occupation American/Farmer
Famous as No. 1 oldest man since 1800s

Early Life of Colestein Veglin

Colestein Veglin was born in the year 1261 and died in the year 1878, which means he was 617 years old before he died. There is no other record as regards Colestein’s early life that is currently on record or should we say that has been released to the public knowledge. Colestein Veglin Net Worth Biography Real Age Nationality Family And Career Path

Colestein Veglin

Career Path of Colestein Veglin

You don’t have to google about Colestein Veglin career or occupation for you will find absolutely nothing there, this is to understand that the man was considered to be insane, moreover, it’s strange that nobody actually even bothered to confirm the claims made by him, or even follow up on the story published in the New York Times. In fact, the only available story about this man is in the published article we were just talking about. To be honest, Veglin appears to be a myth much like your usual conspiracy theories.

Marital Life of Colestein Veglin

At the time of his arrest, Colestein Veglin has made claims of having six wives who were all alive. He also made another claim about how he was 615 years old during this time. This practically means his birth year have to be sometime around 1261 for he was said to have died two years after. But there hasn’t been any confirmation on this birth year. Things got stranger when we failed to find any information about Veglin’s six wives or even his parents. Not a single word has been mentioned anywhere about Veglin’s children, but it is speculated that Colestein had around seven children.

Colestein Veglin Net Worth

There’s no point looking up things like Colestein Veglin net worth since it is practically redundant and unapplicable. There is practically no way to check up his net worth from way back 1200. Also, it was hard to find out almost any such information about Colestein Veglin.


It all started with a piece from The New York Times which the veteran news outlet published on July 20, 1876. The headline of the rather brief rundown read,


The article reported that local officials had arrested “an insane man” in Newark, New Jersey on Thursday. Right after the confrontation, the man reportedly told the policemen that his name was Colestein Veglin and that he was 615 years. According to the NY Times, the man also claimed that he had six wives who were all alive at the time. He reported his home was at 21 William Street and he had considerable property.

Of course, nobody believed his story and he was promptly sent to the asylum. However, that was that from The New York Times and from Veglin as well. From then to now, there absolutely has been no follow-up from one of the oldest news firms or from any other journals with likewise prestige. However as per some other word of mouth (though more from the public’s POV), Veglin was completely a new face even for the locals. Apparently, zero people had any clue about his prior identity.

Nonetheless, there are these few unofficial sayings that claim Veglin died when he was 617 years of age. This would be two years after his aforesaid arrest. The only thing that lacked in this is a written confirmation.

Moreover, scientists haven’t supported or even refuted the longevity claims made by Colestein Veglin all those years ago. But they did mention that humans can definitely live for a thousand years. Although the world is still waiting for a human to live for a thousand years, history says that several people especially people from the Hebrew Bible, lived for about 900 years.

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