Colton Aflalo Biography, Early Life, Nationality, Family, Profession and Personality

Colton Aflalo is the son of Marielle Hadid, an American entrepreneur and fashion figure of her own eyewear brand “Hadid Eyewear”. That is all the facts there is to know about him as of the moment. He is still a growing child

Profile Summary

Full Name Colton Aflalo
Gender Male
 Nationality American
Occupation Celebrity Child
Ethnicity White
Mother Marielle Hadid
Mother’s Career American entrepreneur and fashion figure
Famous as Marielle Hadid son

Who is Marielle Hadid?

Marielle Hadid is the daughter of famous reality TV star and real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and his ex-wife Mary Butler, who is the eldest daughter of Muhammad.

The Hadid Family

Her father is best known for her performance in “The Beverly Hills Real Housewives” which is Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband. She has a second sister and a second mother.


Hadid, in recent years, has been able to use her family’s newfound family limelight. As a result, she has tremendously grown her career in recent years.

Even though she isn’t involved in fashion as much as her siblings, she has a unique fashion sense.

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