Daphne Dorman Biography, Wiki, Family Life, Nationality, Career Path and Net Worth

Daphne Dorman is a Comedian, Actress, Software Engineer and Activist who first came into the limelight when Chappelle mentioned her during ‘Sticks & Stones’ as one of the people in front of whom the comedian tested his jokes about the transgender community.

Profile Summary

Name Daphne Dorman
Gender Female (Transgender)
Occupation Comedian, Actress, Software Engineer and Activist
Date of Birth/Date of Death April 30th, 1975/October 11th, 2019
Best Friend Dave Chappelle
Nationality American
Cause of Death Suicide

Who is Daphne Dorman?

She is a Comedian, Actress, Software Engineer and Activist, She is best known for her comedy stand up show, known as Sticks and Stones of Netflix.

Early Days of Daphne Dorman

Daphne was born on April 30th, 1975, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, United State where she spent her early life with her parent and her sister. Her sister’s name is Becky Kugler. Daphne sun sign was Taurus, she was an American.

Daphne Dorman Educational Background

She was enrolled in a private school in her hometown after which she proceeded to the University. She had a degree in Computer Science and was also a Software Engineer.

Daphne Dorman Career Life

She created her own website development company whilst starting her IT career as a software engineer.

She encouraged transgender. After which she started her career as an actress whilst working as Director of Operations at Philadelphia. She worked for two years to establish a wildlife preserve and research  for primate and sea turtle.

After which she returned to U.K and started working as a Director of Information Technology for SCS Global Services. She also worked as an Instructor of Transcode for LGBT Centre in San Fransisco.

How did Daphne Dorman Die?

Daphne committed suicide . She took her life on 11th October, 2019 before which she wrote a tragic post on facebook, thanking her close friends, family member and well wishers for all the support she got, whilst begging them for forgiveness also.

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