Denzil Dennis Biography, Age, Nationality, Family Life, Career Path and Net Worth

Denzil Dennis who is popularly known as (aka) Alan Martin, is a reggae singer from Jamaica who came to the UK in 1963.

Profile Summary

Denzil Dennis
Born 13 October 1945
Origin Jamaica
Genres Reggae
Occupation(s) Musician
Years active Since the 1960s
Labels Supreme

Denzil’s Family Life and Upbringing 

Dennis was born in Manchester, Jamaica in 1945. He recorded as a duo with Frank Cosmo in Jamaica in the early 1960s before moving to the UK where he began recording in 1963, under his own name and also under the alias Alan Martin, working with producers such as Laurel Aitken and Dandy Livingstone (as a member of the Brother Dan All Stars).

Denzil Dennis Musical Journey

Denzil recorded in duos with Pat Rhoden and Milton Hamilton (the latter as The Classics). He had recordings released on the Pama Supreme, Supreme, Trojan and Blue Beat labels. An anthology of his early recordings was issued in 2003 by Sanctuary Records.


Rapper Denzil Dennis is said to have been arrested, and his fans are interested with regards to what energizes he might be against. There was a huge misunderstanding here, because the Denzel that was arrested is from Greenville not Jamaica.

Denzel Dennis of Greenville

This Denzel Dennis is an American rapper, YouTuber, and web-based entertainment sensation. His movies with respect to the NBA 2K b-ball reproduction computer game series are notable.

In an extremely brief timeframe, the rapper’s self-named channel has topped 1.35 million supporters. In 2017, Dennis started posting NBA 2K recordings, and one of them was named “Furious Trash Talke.”

He as of late disproved each allegation. He clearly believes that everybody should perceive the contrast between being detained and being captured.

Duke is keen to his allies during this trying time. Moreover, he charges that to stand out, others are dispersing false data with respect to his detainment. There is presently no reason to worry in regards to Dennis. His home life is working out positively, and he is preparing for his impending YouTube video. However, he asserted that he was just detained for 4 hours in 2015. He underlined in his video that he was erroneously denounced. In 2015, his mug shots become public.

At the point when Dennis perceived how bits of gossip about him were being circled, he was alarmed. But since he has previously spoken what is valid, his allies currently have more confidence in him.

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