Divija Fadnavis Biography, Nationality, Family Life, Professional Path and Net Worth

Divija Fadnavis is a daughter of Indian Politician and Ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis and Amruta Fadnavis.

Profile Summary

Full Name Divija Fadnavis
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
Occupation Celebrity Child
Parent Devendra Fadnavis and Amruta Fadnavis
Famous as Daughter of Devendra Fadnavis, Indian Politician and Ex Chief Minister of Maharashtra

Who is Divija Fadnavis?

Divija Fadnavis came into the limelight as the daughter of a famous Indian Politician and Ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra named Devendra Fadnavis. She became famous after she appeared with her father.

Little Divija and her parents, Devendra and Amruta Fadnavis.
Who is Divija Fadnavis Father?

Divija’s father is Devendra Fadnavis, who happens to be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). On October 31, 2014, as the leader of the largest party in the state assembly, he was named the youngest Chief Minister of Maharashtra after Sharad Pavar at the age of 44. He became the state’s second youngest Chief minister at the age of 44. He also became the youngest Prime Minister of Maharashtra after Sharad Pavar at the age of 44. Fadnavis participated in the elections to the Nagpur Assembly in 1999, from that moment until 2014 he was elected a member of the Maharashtra State Legislature.

Fadnavis started his career at Axis Bank as an executive cashier in 2003 and then headed the Axis Bank branch in Nagpur. He is currently Vice President of Axis Financial Institution (West India).

The Fadnavis

Meet Divija Fadnavis Mother

Divija Fadnavis’s mother, Amruta Fadnavis was born on April 9, 1979, in India, a well-known activist. Amruta Fadnavis Net Worth Amruta Fadnavis is one of the richest activists and one of the most popular.

In 2014, she actively participated in her husband’s campaigns in Nagpur for the election of the Maharashtra congregation. During the 2014 Maharashtra congregation elections, she held over 100 rallies in Nagpur to campaign for her husband. During the 2014 Maharashtra Assembly elections, she actively campaigned for her husband in Nagpur.


Divija’s mother, Amruta Fadnavis once organized rallies for her husband in Nagpur during the Maharashtra Assembly elections in 2014 when he was on the road. In addition, in March 2017, she convened a fashion show for Acid Attack Winners in National Sports, India Club, Worli. The curtain of Amruta Fadnavis’ many talents stunned those around her after the Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association (MSLTA) recruited Ms Fadnavis as the main patron of the 2017 India-New Zealand Davis Cup in Pune.

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