Does Derrick Henry Have A Wife, Is He Married?

Derrick Henry is a man of many talents. He is an excellent American football player who does anything to win a match. The NFL regards him as a respected man. He also has a devoted wife who supports his every move. Her name is Adrianna Rivas, and she is the perfect partner for Derrick Henry. There are several exciting things about this woman. This article will tell you all about her.

Adrianna and Derrick

Meet Adrianna Rivas

Adrianna has the most beautiful black hair. It is full of tight curls that make her look unique. She wears it in several styles and straightens it often. She looks after her hair a lot and ensures to keep it looking good. She does not miss a beat when it comes to makeup and fashion. Adrianna loves to try out different hairstyles and makeup looks.

Adrianna also has beautiful eyes that make her stand out in public. She wears decent eye makeup to enhance her physical appearance. Adrianna has also looked after her body throughout her marriage. She has the best curves in all the right places. Her weight is perfect for her height and stature.

Adrianna looks like a model in all aspects. She ensures to present herself as a high-profile model whenever she walks into an event. However, she has rejected most modeling offers from famous brands.

The priority in her life is her family. She likes fashion, makeup, and events. However, nothing comes before her beloved husband and child. She ensures to look after her family members and surround them with love and care. She is the best mother and wife out there.

How Did Adriana And Derrick Meet?

Adrianna and Derrick met in college in 2016. Adrianna was a massive fan of the Dallas Cowboys. However, Derrick played for Alabama Crimson Tide. They bonded over their love for sports, especially American football. They fell in love immediately and knew they had found the one. Adrianna ensured to support her boyfriend with all her heart. Derrick showered her with love and gifts. They both had each other’s back at all times. She has offered her support to him during tough times.

They got engaged a few years later and had a daughter. They look like they are still living in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. It is not surprising because they are wealthy people. They have enough luxury to last them a lifetime. Adrianna and Derrick are still head-over-heels for each other. They both are becoming more beautiful every day. They also have pets that enrich their lives.

Adrianna and Derrick are lucky to have found each other. He has a track record of high performance on the football field. They have dedicated their lives to their family and careers.

Adrianna is the perfect wife for Derrick because of her loving personality. She has enabled her husband to achieve all his dreams. One can tell that this couple will live happily ever after.


Her family appreciates her efforts. Derrick loves her more than anything else in the world. She ensures that she is always happy, even when away from home.

Adrianna grew up in a loving home with her parents. Her parents instilled values of discipline and compassion in her.

She grew up in the beautiful city of Texas, surrounded by Christian beliefs. She is a faithful Christian, due to which religion has a special place in her life. She always keeps an optimistic mindset. Her father is Joe Rivas, and her mother is Simona Rivas. Despite her American nationality, Adrianna has a Latina heritage. It explains her loud, extroverted and sassy personality. She has an older brother named Daniel and a younger one named Adriel. They both are growing up in her hometown, Texas.

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