Does Dominic Fike Truly Have A Daughter?

Who Is Dominic David Fike?

Dominic David Fike is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor from the United States. He began playing the guitar at the age of ten, having been born and reared in Naples, Florida.

Dominic Fike and his family
Dominic Fike and his family

Fike rose to prominence after uploading numerous hit tracks to the website SoundCloud.

Does Dominic Fike Have A Daughter?

It doesn’t seem Dominic Fike has a daughter, as no news has been reported about him having children.

Rumors about his daughter started after his music video of his song Cancel Me was released. In the video, he was with a child who people thought was his daughter. But the rumors faded away after a while as she was recognized as his little sister. Fike has a tattoo of the Apple logo on his face. The tattoo was a tribute to his Apple-named sister. The tattoo serves as a reminder of “what he’s fighting for.”


The identity of Dominic Fike’s parents remains unknown. His mother had drug problems, and his father was never present in his childhood.

Fike is of Filipino, African-American, and Haitian origin and grew up with a younger brother, Alex, a sister, Apollonia, and an older brother, Sean. Fike liked Jack Johnson, Blink-182, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. By the age of 10, he had purchased a guitar and had learned how to play the Chili Peppers’ riff on it.

Fike noted that as a youngster, he and his siblings had to look after each other because his parents were constantly away from his life. Fike’s mother was in and out of jail during his youth, and he had to reside in several houses, including those of his elder brother, relatives, or parents’ acquaintances.

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