Does Loyle Carner Have A Girlfriend?

Loyle Carner is in a relationship and currently living with his girlfriend in London. However, details about her name and age are yet to be known.

Mini Bio on Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner is an English musician, half Guyanese and half English. According to Wikipedia, he was born on 6th October 1994 in Lambeth, South London. Moreover, Loyle’s biological father had split up with his mom while still young, so he grew up with his mom, Jean, brother, Ryan, and Stepdad, Nicholas, in South Croydon, London.

Loyle’s birth name is Benjamin Gerard Coyle-Larner. He had ADHD and dyslexia as a child who is the reason why he opened up “Chilli Con Carner cooking school” for children with ADHD as cooking came as a relief to him.

His own stage name Loyle Carner is a spoonerism of his surname Coyle Larner because of his dyslexia. Furthermore, Loyle also wants to open up a restaurant if his music career falls.

Who is Loyle Craner Dating? His Wife/Partner

Yes, Loyle Carner is dating someone, and she, like his mom, is a teacher, a secondary school teacher. Loyle gave his mom this news via his song Dear Jean where he described his girlfriend as truer than Mercury Prize ( which he had lost to Sampha), a woman from the skies, a teacher like my mom, and so on.

He later said that her mother cried with happiness, loss, pride, and relief for Loyle.

As someone who has ADHD, it is a matter of happiness for his family and fans that he is with someone, and although nothing is revealed about her, she sounds lovely. Loyle Craner is not married currently; however, we can’t stop expecting.


It is not a secret to the world how Loyle loves his family. Loyle Carner has shown his love, respect, and gratitude towards his family, parents in various of his songs.

Loyle’s debut album “Yesterday’s Gone” was about his own biological father leaving him and his mom, Jean, and also how his stepfather, Nicholas Stevens, came into their life but was taken away from them when he was 40 due to a seizure.

Loyle also named his 2016 tour after Eric Cortana, his stepdad’s idol, and even wears his jersey to his concerts. Furthermore, he has also dedicated songs to his mother, Jean, and brother, Ryan.

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