Dylan Thomas Andrews Biography, Age, Wiki, Nationality, Profession and Net Worth

Dylan Thomas Andrew is the son of the well-known supermodel, Stephanie Seymour. He is a professional surfer, guitarist, social media influencer. Moreover, he is also an arts dealer. He is working in Gagosian Gallery in New York. His father Tommy Andrews is also a famous guitarist. Being the son of famous parents means living in the spotlight all the time. As a celebrity kid, Dylan is enjoying his life and also he has made a career path of his own. Like his mother, he likes fashion and like his father he has an interest in music.

Profile Summary

Full Name Dylan Thomas Andrew
Date of Birth/ Nationality 1990/American
Occupation Full-time art curator
Parents Stephanie Seymour, Tommy Andrews
Siblings Lilly Margaret Brant, Peter Brant, Jr., Harry Brant
Net Worth $3 millions

What do we know about Dylan Thomas Andrews? 

Dylan Thomas birth date is 1990 and his place of birth is the United States. Now he is thirty-one years old. His family follow Christianity. From a young age, he loved to play musical instruments. Moreover, he also liked to curate art. Also, the young man completed education and started to manage with arts dealing.

He did his internship at Peggy Guggenheim Collection. He went to Italy and worked in this arts company. Now Dylan has become a famous entrepreneur of arts because of his dedication and hard work.

How was the relationship between his parents? 

In 1989 Stephanie Seymour married Tommy Andrews. But their marriage suffered a bad turn. They decided to divorce after Dylan came into the world. Then Seymour dated other men too. Because of that Dylan has many stepbrothers and sisters. He maintains a cordial relationship with all. In 2021 the stepbrother of Dylan named Harry Brant died because of a drug overdose. He was only twenty years old. This was a tragedy for the family.

Dylan Thomas Andrews

Does he have a girlfriend? 

Dylan likes to keep his life private. So we do not know if he has a girlfriend or not.  But he goes to parties with many of his friends. He is mostly with a girl named Emily Shephard who is his best friend. He attends many high profile parties like cocktail parties in the museum.

What is the net worth of Dylan Thomas Andrews? 

Now Dylan works as a full-time art curator. He makes a lot of money in his career. That is why his net worth is $3 million. He is also a good guitarist like his father. Furthermore, he does surfing in his free time and travels to many places. As he is an art curator he likes to find different museum pieces from many parts of the world.

Is he on social media? 

Dylan Thomas maintains his Instagram account and he posts lots of pictures of his travels and other matters in it. We can get some peak of his wealthy life. He has appeared in many concerts of his father Tommy and also is close to his mother. The net worth of his mother is $ 100million. She was an excellent actress and a model. So a young man from this wealthy background will certainly enjoy his life.


Dylan Thomas is an amazing young man. He is exceptionally talented and has his mother’s brilliant looks.

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