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Ellie Tahan is a professional dancer, and the wife to Michael Tahan. She is also the mother to one of America’s famous Actors, Charlie Tahan.

Profile Summary

Full Name Ellie Tahan
Gender Female
Nationality American
Spouse Michael Tahan
Children Willie, Charlie and Daisy Tahan
Occupation Professional Dancer

 Who is Ellie Tahan?

Ellie Tahan is a widely recognised professional dancer. She is also mother to Willie Tahan, Charlie Tanah and Daisy Tahan.

Family Life of Ellie Tahan

Ellie Tahan has been married for a long time now, and her husband’s name is Michael Tahan, who is also the father of her children, including the famous actor, Charlie Tahan.

Together the couple have had three children, Willie Tahan is the eldest one, Charlie Tahan is the middle child, and Daisy Tahan is the youngest of all.

Ellie and her husband raised their kids in Glen Rock, New Jersey, United States.

Who are Ellie Tahan’s Children?

Ellie Tahan have three children, by name of Willy, Charlie and Daisy Tahan.

Willie Tahan is the Tahan’s eldest son and first born.

He, like his mother, gained notoriety as a result of Charlie Tahan, his brother. He recently finished high school at Glen Rock High School. He is a very private person who prefers to avoid the spotlight, unlike his other siblings.

Charlie Tahan was born on 11th June 1998 on Glen Rock, New Jersey, United States. He grew up along with his other two siblings.  Charlie has an interest in acting from a very young age. He did an ad commercial for Citibank when he was only four.

He made his acting debut at the age of in the year 2007 in the post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film I Am Legend, along with Will Smith, where he played the role of Ethan.

Ellie Tahan Biography Age Nationality Family Children Career Life And Net Worth
The Young Tahans; Charlie Tahan, Daisy Tahan and Willy Tahan

Charlie is famous for his character as Wyatt Langmore in the Netflix original crime drama Ozark [2017-present]. He is also known as the voice of Victor Frankenstein in the 2012 American 3D stop-motion-animated fantasy horror comedy Frankenweenie.

Other Charlie’s notable work includes Wayward Pines and Gotham.

Daisy Tahan is Charlie’s sister. She is also an actress.

She was born on 1st March 2001 in Glen Rock, New Jersey, United States. Like her brother, Daisy also started her career in acting in the year 2007 when she was just six years old.

She made her acting debut in the American comedy-drama film Then She Found Me and the role of Ruby.  She is best known for portraying the character of Samantha Focker in the 2010 American comedy Film Little Flockers and also as Fiona Peyton in the medical comedy-drama series Nurse Jackie.

Ellie Tahan Net Worth

Ellie Tahan’s net worth is currently off internet but she appears to be leading a posh lifestyle based on her star child’s notoriety and flourishing job. Her famous son Charlie, on the other hand, is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.


Ellie Tahan’s life story has always been intriguing due to the fact that she is the mother of a famous person. She is currently wed to American film director Michael Tahan. She has been enjoying the limelight since her marriage to Michael, which is a delightful fact.

Ellie Tahan has been successful and in the spotlight as a result of her devoted spouse, Michael Tahan, as was previously said. He directed the movies That Other Crazy Thing You Do (2011) and How to Make Movies at Home (2012). (2014).

She’s been with her cherished husband for more than three decades. In front of their family, relatives, and close friends, they had a lovely wedding. Her precise wedding day and location are still unknown.

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