Emanuela Pecchia Biography, Nationality, Family, Marital Status, Spouse, Career Path and Net Worth

Emanuela Pecchia is the wife to Paolo Macchiarini, an American scientist. She happened to come to limelight through the influence of her husband and the load of controversies that surrounds him.

Profile Summary

Full Name Emmanuella Pecchia
Gender Female
Nationality Italian
Occupation Sales Representative at @emagister, Manager at @paradiso_barcelona
Spouse Paolo Macchiarini
Net Worth $1 Million

 Who is Emmanuella Pecchia?

Emmanuella Pecchia is the wife of Paolo Macchiarini. She was born in Italy, and she is a well-educated woman. She did her schooling in Italy. She was a good student and secured good grades in her high school. For her graduation, she did her bachelor’s program from US State University.

Emanuela Pecchia and her husband

Career Life of Emmanuella Pecchia

Not much is known about Emannuella’s private life which includes what she does for a living. But, detectmind was able to gather the fact that she was once a Sales Representative at @emagister, Encargada at @iamclubhaus and also a Manager at @paradiso_barcelona . As at the moment, we can’t quite conclude if she still works or have anything to do with the above stated workplaces.

Who is Emmanuella Pecchia’s Husband?

Emanuela Pecchia’s husband, Paolo Macchiarini, is a well-known scientist and a famous Italian surgeon. But he became more famous not because of his profession or work but for his controversies. He became more popular for his cunning personality, and fraudulent behaviour in research works.

Paolo is a popular Swiss-born Italian thoracic surgeon. People know him as the con man fooling people and risking the lives of the people through his unethical research works.

He was a celebrity scientist and popular for his contributions to the medical research field. But in 2010, a charge went on against him for performing unethical experiments on healthy patients and thus risking their lives.

He was performing the experiment of synthetic trachea transplants on eight patients. The experiment resulted in the death of seven patients, and only one could survive. His co-colleagues also accused him of his false claims in the research works involved in 2012.

There are a lot of allegations against him. Paolo was arrested in 2012, and after this he was set free from any charges against him. In 2015, there were legal proceedings against him once again. He was under arrest again. After a lot of legal proceedings for a few years, he was again set free. A lot of his research papers are retracted and there are still a few charges against him. There is no permission given to him to perform research works anymore and he got termination from the projects he was involved in.

Emmanuella Pecchia Net Worth

Though much has not been gathered as regards Emanuela Pecchia current employment status, but she is estimated to be worth about $1 million dollars through her past glory days.


As earlier stated, Emmanuella was born and raised in Italy. That also happened to be where she met Paolo. The couple got married at same Italy. Till that time, Paolo was not famous. Paolo travelled to the USA for his work and research, but Emanuela used to stay in Italy.

It was after the marriage that Paolo became famous in the US for his contributions and research works. Until then, there were no controversies in which he was a part of. Emanuela always used to stay in Italy to take care of their children. The couple has two children, and there is not much information available about their children or education. Emanuela made sure that the children are away from the media and limelight.

The couple has been married for 30 years now. They shared a happy relationship. But according to reports, Paolo cheated on his Emanuela Pecchia. As per sources, Paolo had an extramarital affair in 2015 with Benita Alexandra, who used to work in NBC. He even got engaged to Benita. Emanuela did not know anything about this affair.

Even Benita was unaware of Paolo’s marriage. After discovering his marriage, she broke the engagement and called off the wedding. As per sources, when Emanuela got to know about this affair, the couple got into an ugly fight, and there was news of the couple soon taking a divorce,

But nothing such as happened till now. There is no divorce between the couple yet. We do not know if they live together or are in contact with each other. Emanuela usually tries to stay away from any kind of controversies or media. She also makes sure that her children do not get involved in this by any means. This is why we do not know much about her personal life and family or children.

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