Facts On Ann Reinking Son, Christopher Reinking Stuart

Who Is Christopher Reinking Stuart?

Christopher Reinking Stuart is the celebrity son of a multitalented American actress and dancer, Ann Reinking who is renowned for her dancing more than her acting. His mother is best known for “Annie”, “All That Jazz”, “Movie Movie” and “Micki + Maude”.

Christopher Stuart mother, Ann
Christopher Stuart mother, Ann Reiking

Facts About Christopher Reinking Stuart

Christopher Reinking Stuart was born in the year 1990. But, we’re unknown about his actual birthday. Thus, he is 33 years of age as of 2023. Christopher Reinking is the son of an American multitalented personality, Ann Reinking.

During his birth, Christopher Reinking Stuart aka Chris had Mardan syndrome while growing up.  He is a native of the United States. Therefore, he holds an American nationality.

Unlike her mother Ann Reinking, Christopher Reinking is yet to get featured on the official page of Wikipedia’s bio. Thus, only limited information is available about him. Chris’s mother ensured to have proper treatment for him as soon as Chris was diagnosed with the disease. So, Chris would not feel left out and society would not bully him. Moreover, Christopher is widely recognized as the son of the Famous celebrity an actress, dancer, and choreographer Ann Reinking.

His mother and father, whose name is James Stuart, unfortunately divorced in the year 1991. Christopher Reinking marital status is unknown.


Despite being Marfan Syndrome, Christopher Reinking did not held back and never lose his confidence in his life. Currently, he is working with the Marfan Foundation which is dedicated to raising awareness programs about this disease. It is known that Chris was very interested in basketball. But, his friends suggested that Chris was destined to be a pianist or a swimmer as he had long fingers.

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