How Old Is The Famous Tikotoker, Indy Bugg?

Who is Indy Bugg?

Indy Bugg is a duo comprising a single mother and child artist. They are YouTube and Instagram sensations with an enormous fan following. They are also viral on TikTok.

The child’s artist’s name is India, and her mother is Ms. Rachel a single mother. The Indy Bugg’s journey to stardom started when the duo of mother and daughter began making videos for fun, but the videos began trending beyond their imagination on different social media handles. Our focus today is on the child artist, and how old she is as of 2023.

How Old is Indy Bugg?

Indy Bugg as of 2023 is actually 11 years old. She was born on the 1st of January 2012. Interestingly, Indy Bugg goes with the nickname Indybugg1 on all her social media handles.


Indy Bugg became a celebrity by making videos for fun that caught the attention of so many people.The child artist’s name is Indie and her mother Ms. Rachel a single mother.

Surprisingly, Indy Bugg has amassed a huge fan of more than 47.2k followers on their Instagram handle. They live in Dayton, Ohio in the United States of America. Indy Bugg has risen to stardom and has enjoyed affluence and wealth and so many benefits like featuring on popular shows such as Jennifer Hudson and the likes.

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