How True Is It That Maxwell Is Gay?

Famous for his influence in creating the “neo soul” musical sound in the late 1990s, Maxwell, whose real name is Gerald Maxwell Rivera, is an American R&B singer and songwriter.

Maxwell spearheaded the “neo soul” movement with fellow artists Erykah Badu and D’Angelo. His debut solo album, “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite”, which was released in 1996, was the ultimate example of the neo-soul sound. It introduced the genre to casual listeners, helping the genre to gain commercial appeal.

What Is Maxwell’s Sexuality?

To begin with, Despite the rumors, Singer Maxwell aka Gerald Maxwell Rivera is not gay. He is straight.
Always known as a ladies’ man, Maxwell surprised fans when he posted a birthday greeting to a male friend — who was shirtless, by the way — on his Instagram account last October 2015.


Fans were quick to jump to conclusions and to assume the R&B singer’s sexuality. That’s how rumors about him being gay started. There were speculations that the singer was actually dating that “friend” and that that Instagram post was his subtle way of coming out.

Maxwell’s Dating History

Although there were rumors that the renowned singer-songwriter was gay, there was nothing to back that claim. The singer was never linked to anyone of the same gender. He was, however, linked to several women in the past.

If you are curious about who he has dated before, here’s a quick recap of Maxwell’s dating history.

Maxwell was once linked to model Miredys Peguero, who was a former Miss Puerto Ricorepresenting her country in Miss Intercontinental 1999. The relationship was, however, not confirmed.

The singer used to date MTV VJ Ananda Lewis in 1998. The romance was, however, brief and there was not much information about it.


Maxwell was also romantically linked with German-American Elisabeth Röhm in 2003. They attended the MTV Video Music Awardstogether. A source said that “Maxwell has definitely fallen hard for Elisabeth.” However, Elisabeth denied the rumor by telling the press, in a rather shy way, that “Maxwell and I are good friends.”

The R&B artist also dated Brazilian model Camila Alves in 2004. The couple was reported to have dated for a year before they called it quits.

Maxwell was also rumored to have dated Dutch fashion model Doutzen Kroes in 2006 because, apparently, love songs do not write themselves, so he needed to be involved with “some really amazing women that didn’t know [me]. I got to write really good songs from that.”

Then there’s American model Raven Davis in 2007, but there are not much details about the relationship.

He also dated Canadian model Kris Jacobs in 2009. But like his previous relationships, there’s so little information about their romance.

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