Is Asa Butterfield Gay or Straight?

Despite the fact that Butterfield is not gay, there has been persistent speculation online suggesting otherwise. This speculation has been fueled by some of the roles he has played, including his character Otis Milburn in Sex Education, which has attracted further attention to the actor.

Asa Butterfield Sexuality Explored

Asa Butterfield is not gay. He is straight.

The young actor has already revealed his sexuality and he is straight. Hence, the gay rumors that are going on recently are the reason for his Otis portrayal of Sex Education.

Asa Butterfield

The second trailer of the third season of Sex Education shows Otis Milburn into a slightly different portrayal. Due to this reason, people are wondering if he might be gay.

But the Hugo actor is straight by sexuality.

Everything About His Partner

Asa Butterfield doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

As of 2021, the Sex Education lead star is single. However, he has had previous relationships which he doesn’t prefer to disclose.

Asa’s relationship with his former co-star Ella Purnell was talked about a lot. But neither of them confirmed dating each other then.

So, just like his character Otis at the end of season 2, Asa Butterfield is single.


Asa Butterfield’s parents were based in London when he was born.

Moroever, his mother, Jacqueline Farr is a psychologist, and his father, Sam Butterfield is an advertising copywriter.

Asa is very close to his family and uploads pictures with them on his social media handles as well.

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