Is Rachel Campos Duffy Pregnant?

Who Is Rachel Campo Duffy?

Born on October 22, 1971, Rachel Campos Duffy is an American who appeared as a member of the reality show MTV for the first time in 1994 and later moved on to pursue her career as a television host. From being a guest host on “ABC” talk show to hosting multiple other shows, Duffy has made quite a reputation amongst her fans.  

Rachel Campos is known to grow up in Tempe, Arizona, with two brothers and a sister. She was born to Maria del Pilar and Miguel Campos. She was Catholic and was raised in a very strict environment during her childhood. She Graduated with a degree in economics from Arizona State University in 1993. Duffy’s goal was to become a professor. She was both hard-working and talented and was the recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Graduate Fellowship program. She further earned a degree of master’s in international affairs and graduated from the University of California, San Diego.

Rachel Campo and her family

Is Rachel Campo Pregnant Again?

A Fox Newser is pregnant with her ninth kid. Whoa!

Hear her speak,

“I just announced this week on Instagram that we are having another baby,” Fox Nation host/Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy said during an appearance on Fox & Friends this past Wednesday. “That will be number nine…There’s room, there’s room there’s always room in our house.”

What exactly is a house with eight kids like?  “It’s very chaotic. It’s very busy. There’s a lot of you know what we learn a lot about teamwork. You know when you have that many kids you can’t do it yourself. The kids have to pitch in and help each other. And it’s fun.”

The baby’s gender? TBD, but she states, “I promise we will announce it on Fox & Friends.”


Rachel Duffy has been making headlines about her pregnancy for quite some time now. She is raising 9 children. Rumors about her being pregnant with the 10th child have been going about for a while now. However, there is no concrete evidence to back the Rachel’s

Rachel’s husband and her family have said nothing about her pregnancy yet. Even though it has been brought to light that lately, Duffy has gained a good amount of weight. However, that could be due to her diet plans, which is not strong evidence to prove that she is pregnant again. 

As much difficult as it is to raise nine children together, the couple always has their family as the top priority. The youngest baby has been reportedly doing much better. 

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