Juanita Tolliver Teeth, What About Them?

The fans of Juanita Tolliver are inquisitive about how her teeth looked before the surgery. Let’s get deeper into the topic, along with knowing who she truly is.

Who is Juanita Tolliver?

Juanita is a political analyst and an American TV personality. Furthermore, she currently works at the media group MSBNC.

Juanita Tolliver

She graduated from the Tufts University with a Master’s degree in Arts. After her graduation, she started working as a Manager at a company named New Profit.

Juanita Tolliver Teeth Before Surgery

There are rumors that Junaita Tolliver had her Teeth Surgery.

However, there are no sources to support if the rumor is true. She has the whitest and prettiest Teeth which went viral on the Internet, raising the question if they are real or fake.


Juanita Tollivers’s husband, Chris Leistis yet to be credited with an official Wikipedia.

Chris is a senior advertising manager and digital advertising strategist at the company Mothership Strategies. He also has a Legislative Intern at the United States Senate. Juanita was married to her spouse Chris in June 2019. Furthermore, they don’t have any children to this date.

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