Lakshmi Pichai Biography, Nationality, Family, Career and Famed Son

Lakshmi Pichai is known as the mother of Sundar Pichai. Sundar is the CEO of Google and Alphabet.

Profile Summary

Full Name Lakshmi Pichai
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
Occupation Stenographer
Famous Son Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet
Net Worth $600 million – Sundar Pichai

Family Life of Lakshmi Pichai

Lakshmi Pichai is the mother of Sundar Pichai, and she is also married to Regunatha Pichai. The pair shares two children. They are Pichai Sundararajan and Srinivasan Pichai.

Anjali Pichai is her daughter-in-law, who is also a chemical engineer. Lakshmi is blessed with two grandchildren. They are Kavya Pichai and Kiran Pichai.

Lakshmi Pichai famed son, Sundar Pichai

Who is Lakshmi Pichai’s Famed Son?

Lakshmi’s son, Sundar Pichai, reached fame after the launch of Google Chrome in 2008. Chrome eventually became No.1 browser in the world surpassing competitors such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. He is also the developer of the Android mobile operating system.

He has also been instrumental for the Google search products like Google Toolbar, Google Pack, Firefox extensions, and several Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, and Mac products.

Lakshmi Pichai Net Worth

Lakshmi’s net worth has not been estimated. She was a stenographer. Her husband was an electrical engineer at GEC, the British conglomerate. He also had a manufacturing plant that produced electrical components.

Her son, Sundar Pichai, has a net worth of $600 Million. His salary was US$6.5 Lakh per year since 2015, which eventually increased to approximately US$2 Million since 2018.


Lakshmi Pichai’s son, Sundar Pichai, is the Chief Executive Officer of Google LLC and its holding company Alphabet Inc. He formerly was Product Chief at Google and director at Jive Software Inc. He is also an advisor at Ruba Inc. Sundar is the highest paid executive of Google.

Lakshmi’s son, Sundar, is married to his girlfriend, Anjali Pichai. Anjali and Sundar were college mates. The loving duo fell for each other when they were studying in IIT Kahragpur.  Sundar proposed Anjali for the wedding in their final year of engineering, and she said yes without any second question. The couple stayed in a long-distance relationship as Sundar went to the USA for his master’s degree. After a few months, Anjali joined him in the USA after she was offered a job there.

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