Leonid Greyser Biography, Wiki, Family Life, Nationality, Profession and Murder Case

Leonid Greyser is a Russian sentenced criminal. He was reserved back in 2019 for killing his sister after he was requested by ‘Satan.’ The Satan admirer is right now under the cautious watch of the Russian police. In the interim, a 2019 video of him attempting to get away from the court has turned into a web sensation on numerous online media stages. With that, the bad behavior of Greyser has again reemerged on the web for which he has indeed turned into the focal point of disdain.

Profile Summary

Full Name Leonid Greyser
False name Grazer Russian Killer
Gender Male
Nationality Russian
Admitted to being A Satanist
Famous for Killing his own sister, Ariada Korol

Who Is Leonid Greyser?

Leonid Greyser is additionally known by his false name Grazer Russian Killer. Known for his strange appearance of shaved head and whitish skin composition, he has admitted to having an association with Satan or Lucifer.

Presently famous for killing his own sister, Ariada Korol with whom he shared a condo, Greyser isn’t a figure of friendship. He has shown no regret for his past activities and is going through his days behind the bar.

More Details On Greyser’s Bewitched Acts

It is accounted for that his sentence is assessed at regular intervals of his clinical assessment. Notwithstanding, Russian law keeps people in general from getting any additional data on his decision, reports Lad Bible.

The episode occurred in 2019 when the brother-sister couple’s neighbors heard the ‘screamings’ of a lady. After the police were called, Greyser had effectively stripped down and drew satanic images with blood on his sister’s body and his head.

He was playing out a custom and requesting that Satan be liberated from his body. Greyser has shown no second thoughts on his activities and surprisingly attempted to guarantee out of a roof in his court hearing. The video of him attempting to escape has circulated around the web on the web particularly on TikTok.


Aside from that, very few insights concerning his own life can be accomplished right now. Greyser was only a 18-year-old young person when he killed his sister following the sets of Satan.

His as of late observed acclaim has landed him in global popularity and disdain remarks on him. Leonid Greyser isn’t delivered at this point for the homicide of Ariada Korol.

The Ariada Korol killer is as yet behind the bars carrying out his punishment. He was condemned to necessary mental clinical treatment by the Shcherbinsky District Court in Moscow.

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