Let Us Talk About Kasama Smith

Who Is Kasama Smith?

Kasama is a teenage girl who “laughed after she killed a jogger when she smashed a car into him throwing him into a ditch”.

The car Kasama used in killing the jogger

Kasama Smith, 15, from Washingtonstate is said to have plowed her godmother’s car, which she had taken without permission, into Greg Moore, 53, on a Maple Valley street, according to the charges against her.

Here’s The Story In Detail

Smith is said to have been doing 50mph at the time, 15 mph over the speed limit.

She told a passenger in the car as she approached him at around 6am July 18: “I’m going to scare him, I’m going to bump him,” the Kent Reporter said, citing the charges.

Another friend of Smith’s who was following the Camry in another vehicle told investigators she heard a loud bang, then “saw something fly into the air,” the report said.


Moore was found a few hours later lying lifeless in a ditch and shoeless outside Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, KIRO-TV reported.

Smith is now facing second-degree murder and hit-and-run charges.

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