Manoj Narang Biography, Wiki, Marital Life, Business Inclinations and Net Worth

Manoj Narang is the founder of Mana Partners LLC. He is a famous person who is known worldwide for his work. His achievement is a result of his diligence. As a result he has become one of the world’s richest men.

Profile Summary

Full Name Manoj Narang
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
Occupation Founder of Mana Partners LLC
Marital Status Married
Net Worth Millions of dollars

Early Life of Manoj Narang

Manoj Narang was born and raised in the United States. His parents were not even essentially rich and successful. Manoj Narang was born at a key point in their lives. His parents had to juggle the demands of raising a family while also trying to pay for his children’s education.

Later he moved to another city in purpose of receiving higher education. He and his siblings had a strong relationship throughout their childhood schooling. Manoj Narang started his education from home. He received his primary and secondary schooling at home. Afterwards, he graduated pre-kindergarten. He attended secondary school after receiving his degree from there. He went on to get a college degree after graduating from high school.

Manoj Narang

He studied a college degree while graduating from high school that helped him to gain much in professional life. In addition, he obtained a degree from a university. He learned a few more things while he was in school, which has made a big difference in his later life. Manoj Narang has a wide range of degrees under his belt from various colleges and universities throughout the course of his career.

Career Path of Manoj Narang

Manoj Narang began his professional career shortly after receiving his bachelor’s degree. The demands of his job were relentless. He had such a difficult life to handle that he never gets any rest. He had no higher education and worked full-time in a clothing store. After some thought, He chose to keep using his managerial expertise. He was aware of his abilities, but he wasn’t sure how to get his desired position. He built his company and have thus moved on through the many challenging roles he had to play. Although he has not yet arrived at his destination, he has begun the journey there and is making progress.

Marital Life of Manoj Narang

Manoj Narang is seemed to be a single person, but he is not like that, he is married. He has been married for a significant amount of time, and over that time, his wife has been quite supportive of him. They’ve travelled and enjoyed married life. He has been married for a long time, and everyone knows about it. He has just a few offspring, all of whom bear his surname.

Manoj Narang Net Worth

Manoj net worth as at the moment is not yet certain. For as of 2019 he had $22 millions, in 2020 he had $22.5 million, 2021 he had $23 million and 2022 he had $23.5 million. Currently as of 2023, his net worth has not yet been estimated since he was noted to have sold his company for $1 billion. So, we will just have to make do with the fact that he is worth millions of dollars.


As seen on his linkedIn account, he was known to have written that, he is an accomplished professional having worked with a diverse group of companies and having 23 plus years of experience in various fields and positions have helped me develop life skills like Teamwork, Communication, Distribution Building, People Management, Mentoring, Business Planning, Leadership, Business Development, B2B Sale, Facing Challenges, Training and Creating Good Leaders. My flexibility helps me to adjust to any new challenge and contribute to the best interest of the company.
Expertise in working in fast-paced, high tech environment requiring skills in Team Building,
Development, Sales Strategies and Training.
Directing sales efforts towards client acquisition, B2B sales. Execution of sales strategies.
Proven ability to lead the team by example and motivate them to overachieve predefined

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