Mayat Jasad Tangmonida Biography, Nationality, Family, Personal Life and Sudden Death

The entire Thailand was shocked to find out about the horrific death of Foto Mayat Tangmonida, an actress, whose corpse photos are being circulated on Twitter and Telegram.

Profile Summary

Full Name Foto Mayat Tangmonida
Regular Name Mayat Tangmonida
Gender Female
Profession Actress
Nationality Thai
Famous for Actress who died after falling from a speed boat

What Happened To The Actress?

As of now, it has been reported that the actress died after falling from a speed boat; however, many conspiracies are going about her death. There have not been any conclusions from the police investigation.

Since the news of her death was released to the public, the internet is filled with her fans’ condolences and sympathy. with these condolences, many speculations of her death being a murder have come forward.

Foto Mayat Tangmonida Dead Body Photo On Twitter

On Twitter, there are many photos of Mayat’dead bodies circulating which is horrific, so people have to avoid it unless they are strong-hearted. Many people claim that the body has marks that could have been caused only by a fight.

Actress Mayat Tangmonida

However, as of now, the police have not indicated that this could be a case of murder. Not only Twitter, but Telegram too have her photos circulating. Due to her fame, there have been wide concerns.

The case is still being made, so there is no conclusion. Nonetheless, the preliminary report has claimed that Mayat fell from the boat and she did not want to wear a life jacket because she wanted to take pictures in the boat.

It was after two days her body was found far from the place she was reported to have been gone missing. It was her brother who identified her body. The news has been very hard for the actress’s family.

Mayat Tangmonida – No Sensor Jasad Available On Telegram

The horrific image of Mayat’s dead body is now circulating on Telegram. On Telegram, the images do not seem to have been surpassed despite its graphic component which might be disastrous if seen by kids.

The case is still being investigated and there has not been any significant development indicating that this was a premeditated murder; however, the fans are claiming that this was murder because of the wound on the actress’s body.


It has been reported that Mayat was with her close friend in the boat and no one with conflict. It has been reported that the driver of the boat has been arrested because he did not have a license to operate the boat.

People will have to wait for a complete police investigation before they jump to any conclusion. Conspiracy is quite common to be generated in high profile death.

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