Meet Anthony Vaccarello Husband

Who Is Anthony Vaccarello?

The Italian fashion designer and couturier Anthony Vaccarello is a popular name in the fashion industry. Therefore, the celebrity has various rumors and questions regarding his personal life roaming around on social media. One of the emerging questions is, who is Anthony Vaccarello married to? Well, questions are supposed to be answered, and we do not disappoint. Although, wait up! Wouldn’t you like to know a bit more about him?

Anthony Vaccarello is the creative director of Saint Laurent. The Italian craftsman was birth on 18 January 1982. Previously, he worked as the creative director of Versus Versace. As mentioned before, the couturier has his own brand of fashionable and extravagant line of clothes.

His creative potential and interest emerged when he was studying law in 1999. After a year, he left law school and joined La Cambre and studied sculptures. He changed his course again and graduated in fashion design in 2006. He got scouted by Karl Lagerfeld when one of his collections was displayed at a popular fashion carnival. He got his first job as a fur designer in a popular firm called Fendi.

Who Is Anthony Vaccarello Married To?

First of all, Yes. He is a married man. He got hitched to Arnaud Michaux, another fashion designer. They work together in the YSL atelier. The specific date of their marriage is not known, but it is presumed that they have been together for a while now. They often post their pictures together on Instagram, and the fashion frenzy couple always looks fabulous as usual.

Arnaud Michaux is a fashion designer just like Anthony Vaccarello. He is French, and it is speculated that they met during working in Saint Laurent. However, nothing is confirmed. He is the husband and a working partner of Anthony Vaccarello.

There is not much information about Arnaud Michaux as he is extremely private about his personal life. The mentioned information has been announced by Anthony, and no further information is known to the public except that he works for Saint Laurent as well in the YSL atelier. As you can understand, Anthony’s life partner definitely has made a lot of creative contributions to his success and so on.

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