Meet Kyrsten Sinema’s Husband, Who Is He?

Who Is Kyrsten Sinema?

Kyrsten Lea Sinema is an American politician currently serving as senior United States senator from Arizona. Kyrsten is a democrat who first started her political journey from the Arizona Green party and later joined the Democratic Party.

Krysten Sinema

Who is Krysten Sinema’s Husband?

Sinema met Dain when the duo was studying at BYU. Dain was reportedly several years senior to her. Sinema has never publicly spoken about her marriage, so there is almost nothing we know about Dain. Sinema is famously tight-lipped about her private life. When asked by Friedman about her personal life, she replied, “I don’t really think that’s any of your business. Not a lot of people ask young men in politics.”

Sinema has never mentioned Dain or her marriage, so there is no word on whether the two were indeed married, or just dating. We also don’t know if her relationship with Dain led her to discover her bisexuality, or if she always was bisexual.


The Arizona Senator was born in Tuscon to a middle-class family. When she was eight, her parents divorced, and she moved to Florida with her mother and sister. They became homeless after her stepfather lost his job, forcing the family to live at an abandoned gas station. She often recounts this as a key experience, saying it motivated her to become a social worker and a politician.

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