Meet Reyes Vázquez de Castro

Who Is Reyes Vázquez de Castro?

Reyes Vázquez de Castro is Carlos Sainz’s Mother. It’s a fact. Whether it be the Lewis Hamilton Army going against the Orange Army or even Lando “No Filter” Norris getting flak for saying something mildly controversial—there will always be a side that’s picked. And this time, someone from the Carlos Sainz camp has become the center of F1 Twitter’s interest. Although his father, Carlos Sainz Sr., has received a lot of backlash for his controlling nature over Sainz Jr.’s racing career, it’s his mother, Reyes Vázquez De Castro, who’s been making headlines (for the wrong reasons).

What Did Reyes Do Wrong?

This and her active engagement with her son’s Twitter updates and results made her an F1 Twitter star. When Sainz’s mother did something similar—without actually posting anything—she became an F1 Twitter enemy. But what did she do? A Twitterati posted a tweet after Sainz’s pole, writing, “You know what Carlos has that Leclerc never will? The honor. Congratulations, Carlos, today you have shut up a lot of mouths.” [Translated by Google]Another user posted a screenshot of Reyes’ likes page, which showed that she’d liked this tweet, writing, “Sainz own mother @ReyesVdeC is liking tweets saying that Charles doesn’t have honor… disgusting.”


Tensions were already high at Ferrari. Despite Leclerc saying that he had fun fighting Sainz in the final stages of the Italian GP (and would go for beers with him), their relationship isn’t at its best. It has been evident on several occasions this season, with team orders favoring Leclerc and qualifying overtakes by Sainz. And now, Sainz’s mother’s actions could very well affect team dynamics further. While this was the first time Reyes’ social media actions had something to do with Sainz’s racing career, Mamma Sainz also raised eyebrows after interactions with someone from Sainz’s past.

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