Miranda Tyson Biography, Wiki, Family, Nationality, Occupation and Personality

Most of us might remember Miranda Tyson as a daughter of famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

However, she has already managed to establish her own image. As a teacher and a speaker, she has managed to influence a lot of people around the globe.

Profile Summary

Full Name Miranda Tyson
Gender Female
Parents Father- Neil deGrasse Tyson
Mother- Alice Young
Nationality/Ethnicity American/African-American
Profession Teacher
5 feet 8 inches

What You Should Know About Miranda Tyson

Miranda Tyson is not married. In fact, her romantic life is all behind the spotlight. She should be in her 20s. Tyson has a height of around 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m) and her net worth is under review. She has an unpopular Instagram handle. On top of that, it’s private for now.

Career Path of Miranda

Especially preaching about leadership and personality among the youths, she has already served for prestigious non-profit organizations like the United Nations.

Miranda Tyson

Besides, she is also a special education teacher according to her LinkedIn profile. As a matter of fact, she is a Harvard graduate with a Bachelor of Arts.

Fluent in multiple languages, she has dictated her career to helping youths and troubled. She is currently a teacher at NYCDOE High School of Arts and Technology.

Prior to that, she co-founded LADY(Leadership and Action for Determined Youths). Likewise, she also has experience as a public relations strategy personnel in Japan. According to Harvard’s Facebook page, she will be the director of the 5th United Nations conference on women, 2020.

They even label her as a social justice warrior. In fact, she hails from the popular family of astrologists. Her father Neil deGrasse and mother Alice young were both astrologists and quite a famous one.

As a matter of fact, her father even won the Stephen Hawkins Science Medal and the Public Welfare Medal.

Who is Miranda Tyson’s Boyfriend?

As mentioned earlier, she keeps a low-profile of her personal life despite focusing on her professional life and career.

That even includes her romantic life and relationships. As of now, there are no sources precisely claiming her boyfriend.

Miranda Tyson Net Worth and Salary

Miranda has been a social justice warrior since her college days. As a matter of fact, she preaches about the leadership and personality and has been part of the United Nations programs.

However, her real job is as a special education teacher for a high school. She may not be making some decent money through it but she has accumulated quite a fame but her net worth is still under review.


Born to an African-Ameican family of Neil deGrasse Tyson, she is an American by birth.

Miranda was born to a famous family and had the spotlight right after her birth. Born to the astrophysicists’ family, she has been walking in the red carpet since her childhood.

Daughter of famous astrophysicists Neil deGrasse Tyson and astrologist Alice Young, she is the elder of the 2 children.

Her parents named her after a moon of Uranus, Miranda. Besides, she has a little brother Travis Tyson.

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