Most Aggressive Driver Behind The Safety, Bert Mylander

Who Is Bert Mylander?

Bert Mylander, aka, Bernd Maylander is associated with Formula Racing. F1: Is Bert Mylander On Wikipedia?

Bert Mylander works as a safety driver for Formula Racing. Bert Mylander has more than a decade of experience as a safety driver in F1 racing.

Bert Mylander also has several racing records. Bert Mylander was a racer for the Mercedes in DTM between 2001 and 2004 where he was able to win one race in Hockeinheimring.

Bert Maylander

Mini Bio on Bert Mylander

Bert Mylander is already at the age of 50. Bert Mylander was born on the 29th of May in the year 1971 and is a German by nationality.

From a young age, Bert Mylander was into the racing world. Bert Mylander made his career debut in karting sport back in the ’80s. Bert Mylander is still active in his service. The F1 safety driver Bert Mylander is very passionate about his job and is still actively working even at the age of 50.

Bert Mylander is a safety car driver at Formula Racing. Bert Mylander drives the Mercedes Amg GTR as a safety driver in the F1 races and ensures all racer’s safety.

Bert Mylander is a professional safety driver. Bert Mylander has 19 years of experience as a safety driver in F1 racing and he finds his job very special and interesting. The safety driver is assigned with responsibility at F1. Bert Mylander has to walk up to the grid before the F1 race begins and take a consensus from all drivers on whether to start the race behind the safety car or not.

What Is Bert Mylander Salary?

The salary of Bert Mylander is not released publicly. However, we can expect his salary to be more than 100 thousand Euros every year.

Bert Mylander has an extra income from Mercedes. The F1 safety driver Bert Mylander is believed to be one of the ambassadors of Mercedes Car in road cars and other motorsports categories.


The F1 safety driver had suffered from injuries during his work. Bert Mylander suffered from an injury back in 2001 and 2002 for which he was out of service for few years.

Bert Mylander is more successful as an F1Safety driver. Despite Bert Mylander’s racing career, he has achieved more success and is well recognized as an F1Safety driver.

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