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Peter Virdee is a world name. He is one of America’s most successful businessmen thus far. Virdee has always been a family man and has attributed his success to his parents’ emphasis on a disciplined work ethic. He took his first steps in the business world under his parents’ thumb, working to build up the family residential care homes business.

Profile Summary

Full Name Peter Virdee
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Businessman
Famous as One of UK’s most successful businessmen
Net Worth Billions of dollars

Who is Peter Virdee?

Peter Virdee is the founding partner of B&S Property, a global development company with £4bn assets under management. He’s also seriously connected, having rubbed shoulders with the Queen, chatted with David Cameron, and even dined with Al Pacino. He’s worth millions, not that he mentions money. He’s far too discreet.

According to Asian Wealth Magazine, theinformerhub has gathered that, there is a great irony about Peter Virdee. On the outside, given his flamboyant attire and flashy cars, one would have mistaken it for egotistical maniac, but in fact it is never so. In person, he is humble and down-to-earth, with a huge passion for philanthropy and safeguarding the future of Britain’s young people. Indeed, far from being driven by ego, he puts his success down to God. So where does his entrepreneurial streak come from and how did fate guide him to where he is now?

Early Life and Career Startup of Peter Virdee

Peter was just another kid living in inner city Birmingham with no idea what to do in life in the early 80s. His parents met in the UK, both originally from India. “Life was tough when we were young,” Peter was quoted to have said. “We come from a very humble background. Racism was rife in Birmingham, and I was rebellious. I wasn’t at the top of my class and did not have any particular career direction to pursue.”

After working as a trainee pharmacist and then a brief stint importing and trading ladies silk clothing from India, Peter went on to join the family business. “By the time I was in my late teens, my parents had successfully built up a business in residential care homes. I was sent to Lancashire to build up that region,” says Peter. It proved to be a good learning curve: a chance to leave Birmingham and spread his entrepreneurial wings.

Professionalism of Peter Virdee

Peter have proved himself at business, as his father offered him a role in the family’s joint venture property development company in London, called B&S Property. The rest, as they say, is history. Together, with a team of committed partners, Peter built up the company from the ground up, and today they’re responsible for developing and managing a global portfolio of properties.

Peter Virdee

In recent years, Peter has expanded into other areas including commodities trading, insurance and renewable energy – all businesses that link back to his core interest, property. He says: “I think it’s important we control our carbon footprint, especially for the future generations. We’re really damaging the ozone layer. I chose to invest in solar power because Mother Nature has given it to us, and we can capitalise on it. Wherever there’s daylight there’s energy. I’ve invested in projects all over the world.”

Philanthropical Path of Peter Virdee

Peter Virdee have committed quite a huge sum of money into setting up The Virdee Foundation ( The Foundation works in conjunction with a wide variety of charities, but its core aim is to help women and children who have or who are in danger of suffering mental, physical or sexual abuse. Asked why he chose to focus on this particular area, Peter says: “I support the charities and organisations that deal with taboo subjects that other people don’t want to touch. When you open that can of worms a lot of powerful people come out the woodwork and get exposed, and a lot of people don’t want to get involved. I want to support those causes.”

Another issue Peter focuses on, particularly in Britain, is helping young people to realise their potential – particularly in inner-city areas. “Britain is an amazing country to live in. I’m so lucky to have been born here but a lot of young people aren’t given the opportunities. They don’t believe they can achieve anything. We have to support them and help give them a roadmap for their futures. It’s something I’m completely passionate about.” In this spirit, Peter personally took to the streets of Birmingham with footballer Emile Heskey to distribute food to the homeless in support of the Midland Langar Seva Society (MLSS).

Peter’s Foundation have also taken up the service of restoring The Central Gurudwara, London, making it the most environmentally friendly Gurudwaras in the World. In 2017, The Virdee Foundation partnered with Children in Crisis to build The Virdee School in Bibangwa, Congo, currently educating 165 children.

Peter Virdee Net Worth

With his immense success in business, Peter Virdee is believed to have a net worth of over a billion dollars to say the least. His company, B&S property manages assets of over £4 billion. He has also ventured into renewable energy, minerals trading, and insurance brokerage. So, Mr. Virdee may have amassed a fortune from his work and business over the years. Nevertheless, Peter Virdee ‘s verified net worth has not been estimated yet.


When quizzed on what drives his will to succeed, Peter is unequivocal about his reply to that,

“My faith drives me forward. I was born a Sikh and we’re a warrior race. We never give up. If people tell me, I can’t do something I want to prove them wrong. When I was younger, I knew that the 9-5 working lifestyle didn’t suit me. It didn’t stimulate me just to have a job. I wanted something more and that’s what drove me to set up my own business. I completely believe it was God’s will for me to do this.”

Peter have made it clear that he prefers to say ‘we’ rather than “I” because, according to him he did not achieve any of this myself. “It’s about teamwork, my staff, partners, and of course, the role that God plays in guiding me. Otherwise, you get caught up in the ‘me, me and myself’ and it becomes about ego.” Peter said.

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