Quenisha Poole Biography, Wiki, Nationality and Personality

Quenisha Poole is a personality who has been jailed for her crime. Many sources reveal that she is from Atlanta.

Profile Summary


Full Name Quenisha Poole
Gender Female
City Atlanta, Georgia.
Famous for Being jailed over an unknown crime by the populace.

People are eager to find out the details about Quenisha and her criminal records. Poole’s details are hard to be traced. However, there are some information available about Quenisha on the Web.

Who Is Quenisha Poole?

Quenisha Poole is from Atlanta, but her actual profession is still unknown as of now. She has kept her details hidden from the media.

Her parents’ names are also unknown at the time of writing this article. The media has only been able to know her location, i.e., Atlanta.

Quenisha Poole: Jail Update

Many sources are publishing the news about her jail. But there is no official news about her punishment.

The general public has covered the information as of now. Her personal information is tough to be traced on the Web.

Poole’s education details are also missing. So, it is pretty challenging to know about her degree.

Quenisha Poole Age And Height

Quenisha Poole’s age is still a mystery, but she seems to be around 20 – 30 years of age.

Her birth date and location are also unknown. She seems to have a height of more than 5ft, looking at her photos.


Quenisha seems connected to an Homicide Arrest Update where one Tariq Walker has been arrested for the homicide of Stanley Scott at 645 Cascade Ave. on 6/20. Walker was transported to the Fulton County Jail on 6/25. A 2nd arrest in connection to this case was made on a Ms. Quenisha Poole.

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