Rey Grupero Biography, Nationality, Wiki, Marital Status, Career Path and Net Worth

YouTuber Reyr Grupero is famous for jokes. Flirting with celebrities in the entertainment industry. His most famous victims were Carlos Trejo and Alfredo Adam. In addition to career, Rey Grupero’s relationship status is well known.

Profile Summary

Full Name/Nickname

Luis Alberto Ordaz/Rey Grupero
Age 33 years old
Gender Male
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth  $1-5 millions
Instagram reygruperomx
Youtube El Rey Grupero Oficial

Who Is Rey Grupero?

Luis Alberto Ordaz, who is more commonly known by stage name Rey Grupero, was a housemate on La Casa de los Famosos 3 (US)He is a famous Mexican comedian who participates in funny skits, pranks and creates digital content on Instagram.

Early and Family Life of Rey Grupero

TikTok Star Rey Grupero was born in United States on March 11, 1967. He’s 56 years old today.

He is a famous Mexican comedian with 3.6 million Instagram followers who does funny skits, pranks, and generates digital entertainment.

Career and Achievements

Rey Grupero has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his comic talent and creative content. He is known for his funny skits, prank videos, and digital entertainment, which have earned him millions of fans worldwide. In addition, he is also a member of the Sakura Talent Agency.

Rey Grupero has collaborated with several artists in the entertainment industry, including television anchor Cepilln. He once shared a photo on Instagram with Cepilln in clown makeup, accompanied by an inspirational remark about following his aspirations. The post received over 10,000 likes, further cementing Rey Grupero’s status as a social media sensation.

Personal Life

Rey Grupero has spent time in Mexico, where he has developed a strong fan base. However, information about his family, spouse, dating life, or relationship is scarce. It is unclear whether he is married, has kids, or is in a committed relationship.

Life of Rey Before Fame

He started creating videos on his YouTube channel in 2018, gaining popularity for his improvised pranks on famous people and ability to push the limits of comedy in order to gain a reaction. He signed with the Sakura Talent Agency. He has lived in Mexico.

Rey Grupero

Rey Grupero was born in the Zodiac sign Pisces (The Fish), and 1967 is also the year of Goat (羊) in the Chinese Zodiac.

In 2018, he began uploading films to his YouTube account, quickly becoming known for his impromptu pranks on celebrities and ability to push the boundaries of comedy in order to elicit a reaction.

What kind of content does Rey Grupero create?

Rey creates a wide range of content on his YouTube channel, including prank videos, challenges, vlogs, interviews, and collaborations with other YouTubers. His content is often characterized by its shock value, as he frequently engages in risky and dangerous stunts that have garnered both praise and criticism from viewers.

Has Rey Grupero faced any controversies?

Yes, Rey Grupero has faced numerous controversies throughout his career, particularly for the dangerous and sometimes illegal stunts he performs in public places.

What are Rey Grupero’s most popular videos?

Some of his most popular videos include “La Prueba del Tampon,” in which he tried to insert a tampon into his nostril, “El Reto de los 100 Huevos,” in which he attempted to eat 100 eggs, and “La Boda de Rey Grupero,” a video documenting his wedding to fellow YouTuber Kimberly Loaiza.

Rey Grupero Income & Net worth

Rey Grupero’s income mainly comes from the work that created his reputation: a tiktok star. It is estimated that Rey Grupero’s net worth could be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. This estimation is based on his YouTube earnings, brand endorsements, merchandise sales, and other sources of income. It should be noted that this is just an estimate, and the actual net worth of Rey Grupero may be higher or lower than this range.


He uploaded a photo with television host Cepillín in clown makeup, with an inspirational caption about following his dreams and it gained over 10,000 likes on Instagram.

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