Rishi Nitya Pragya Biography, Nationality, Family Life, Profession and Net Worth

Rishi Nitya Pragya was one of the popularly respected masters of India. He started off in his in-depth search for spirituality at the tender age of 21, after he met Sri Sir Ravi Shankar.

Profile Summary

Full Name/Nickname  Nitin Limaye/Rishi Nitya Pragya
Gender Male
Date of Birth/Birthplace October 25/Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Indian Famous Spiritual Master
Net Worth $500,000

Who is Rishi Nitya Pragya?

Rishi is the son of Shri Mahadev Limaye, one who was born in the month of October 25th, though his year of birth is yet unknown. His name Rishi means ‘a divinely inspired poet or saint’ in Sanskrit and Nitya means ‘Ever’ and Praya means ‘Alert’. This was the way his name “Rishi Nitya Pragya” came into existence, and which stands for, “A divinely inspired saint that is ever alert”.

Richie Nitya Pragya

Career Life of Rishi Nitya Pragya

Rishi was now a master of India, where he trains teachers and volunteers of the foundation he directs, which is called “The Art of Living”. The Art of Living Foundation is the world’s largest volunteer-based non-profit non-governmental organization.

This foundation has touched the lives of over 55 million people across the world in collaboration with the United Nations and WHO. This foundation lives in 156 countries over 5000 centers and it is actively functional.

The director of the Art of Living, sage Nityaprajna was a pious guru. He was also a musical artist and also known for his holly music albums. He has released his holly songs as Jai Jia Radha Raman, Sunder Kanha (2008), Hari Sunder Nanda Mukunda (2008), Guru Guru (2012), and more.

Rishi Nitya Pragya Net Worth

Rishi Nitya have made a decent net worth of about $ 500,000 for himself, from his live and servitude to humanity and the country alike.


The spiritual master who always spreads positive ‘energy’ among the people was reported to have died two years ago. The Art of Living Foundation shared the sad news on their Facebook handle on Monday, 27 December 2021. Details about the death of sage Nityapragya are yet to be revealed, as the foundation have not yet confirmed the cause of his death.

But before his death, Rishi Nitya Pragya was married to Tanuja in 1994, though there is no information as regards their children.

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