Sage Ayla Gupta Biography, Wiki, Age, Nationality, Family, Career Path and Net Worth

Sage Ayla Gupta is the beautiful daughter of American specialist and clinical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta. Sage’s mom Rebecca Olson Gupta is an American legal counsellor and a guaranteed family attorney.

Profile Summary

Full Name Sage Ayla Gupta
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2005
Nationality American
Occupation Celebrity Child
Parents Sanjay Gupta and Rebecca Olsan Gupta

Early Life of Sage Ayla

Sage Ayla Gupta was born in the year 2005, and she is a fortunate offspring of a celebrated American specialist Sanjay Gupta and Mother Rebecca Olsan Gupta. She is 17 years of age as of 2023. Additionally, she has two siblings.  Soleil Asha Gupta and Skya Anjahi Gupta are her sisters. All together they are 3 youngsters in the Gupta family.

Sage Ayla’s parents
Sage Ayla’s Family Members

Sage mom is from Michigan. Additionally, her dad is brought up in Michigan. The two of them went to a similar school. What’s more, they got hitched. Her mom is an ensured legal counsellor. She functions as a family legal advisor. Sage has a gold spoon in her mouth since birth. She is honoured with her grandparents. Subhash Pryanka and Damyanti Gupta are her grandparents. Additionally, she has got 2 uncles. They are Suneel Gupta and Yogesh Gupta. She may be making the most of her fortune completely being the little girl of a specialist. Additionally, there is a ton of assumption from her as she is the little girl of an incredible neurosurgeon.

Career Life of Sage Ayla

Discussing her career path, there is no insight regarding her career life as she is still a student, unlike her parents who are professionals. Her mom is an ensured legal counsellor. She functions as a family legal advisor, while her father, Sanjay Gupta was born on October 23, 1969. He is an American neurosurgeon, medical reporter, and writer. He serves as associate chief of the neurosurgery service at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, associate professor of neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine, member of the National Academy of Medicine and American Academy of Arts and Sciences and is the chief medical correspondent for CNN.


As of late, she is known through her dad. Her dad is a clinical journalist. He chips away at CNN. He has done Programs named Pursuing Existence With Dr Sanjay Gupta. Furthermore, likewise he is a partner boss at Grady Remembrance Medical clinic. It is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. In later, her dad is occupied with responding to the inquiries in regard to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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