Stephanie Jarvis Illness, All You Need Know

What illness was Stephanie Jarvis suffering from 2021? Read below to know the present condition of the escape to the chateau star.

Who Is Stephanie Jarvis?

Stephanie Jarvis is a vlogger and interior design specialist who is getting popularity thanks to the show Escape to the Chateau DIY. She is a regular face on the TV show featuring the renovation and maintenance of the French Chateau that Strawbridge and his partner Adoree bought.

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Stephanie Jarvis illness
Stephanie Jarvis Illness

As the TV show is getting massive attention and is being talked about all over, people are growing curious about the personnel of the program and her health issues particularly.

Stephanie Jarvis Illness, Is She Truly Sick?

Despite the rumours of her being sick, Stephanie Jarvis doesn’t have any illness in 2021 till date.

On top of that, there are searches about the Chateau DIY vlogger Jarvis being admitted to the hospital as well. However, there are no official reports the mention Stephanie being sick with any kind of illness in 2021.

Similarly, although her name is mentioned in some sites that mention being admitted to the hospital, there is no confirmation that the lady was actually admitted to the hospital.


Hence, due to the lack of any concrete evidence about her illness and being hospitalized, we believe Stephanie Jarvis is not sick in 2021 and doesn’t have any illness.

Apparently, some hospitalized patients have opened up about enjoying her vlogs to pass their time. So, that might be the reason for the speculation about Jarvis being the one who is sick.

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