The Ugly Story About Sara Ganzer, Richard Dabate Mistress

Sara Ganzer is the mistress of Richard Dabate, a man who is found guilty in charges of his wife’s murder. This case had national attention and is often referred to as the Fitbit case because Fitbit helped the investigator to reach a verdict.

After almost 7 years after the murder, Connie has finally received her justice. Sadly, the person who took her life has been found to be her own husband, who was cheating on her with another woman, who was also betrayed by his lies. This particular murder case has so many nuances that will shock people. Richard tried his best to hide the fact that he is a murderer with a strong alibi and reports but was unsuccessful to prove it.

Richard Dabate and his late wife

Who Is Richard Dabate Mistress/ Girlfriend Sara Ganzer?

Sara’s name came into the limelight after it was public that she is the woman with whom Richard was having extra-marital affair. She is the mother of his kid and was pregnant around the time the murder of Sara took place.

It has been reported that they knew each other since junior high school. However, their affair started in 2015 as a long-term. They engaged in a sexual act and it was found that she was pregnant. Following that, Dabate said that he will divorce his first wife to be with her. Sara also took a stand in the court following the trial of the case, as reported by Yahoo. She turned emotional while giving her testament.

She also said that she did not want to break into the house of someone. It appears that she is innocent and did not have any part in the murder of Connie and no charge has been administrated against her.


Finally, Connie’s murder case file has been closed after her husband was found guilty. However, Richard lawyer has said that this not an end of the case and they will continue to fight for their client. As per Richard’s reporting of the event, he said that a man intruded in their house and shot his wife. The alleged man also harmed him; however, he managed to call 911 and reported to the police.

This alleged man was never found and the neighbor of the couple also denied seeing anything of this kind. In the end, Connie’s Fitbit data did not align with what Richard claimed, and finally, he was found guilty by a jury. Richard has been found guilty of multiple charges, including first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and providing a false statement.

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