Thierry Bordelais Biography, Age, Nationality, Family, Wife, Career and Net Worth

Thierry Bordelais is popularly known as the second husband of a deadly Canadian serial killers, and most hated woman, Karla Homolka.

Profile Summary

Full Name Thierry Bordelais
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Wife Karla Homolka
Children Three (two boys and a girl)
Famous as The Husband of Ontario’s famous serial killer

Who is Thierry Bordelais?

Thiery Bordelais is a Canadian Celebrity born in Canada in the late ’60s or early ’70s, as his personal life is private from public knowledge.

Thierry Bordelais notorious wife, Karla Homolka

With his high level of privacy, there is nothing much known about his parents, though it is believed that he has a brother, by name Sylvie Bordelais.

Who is Thierry Bordelais’ Notorious Wife?

Karla Leanne Homolka is the wife of Thierry Bordelais. She was born on 4 May 1970 under the Taurus zodiac sign, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

She is the daughter of Karel Homolka and Dorothy Seger. Her father, a Czechoslovakian immigrant, was a traveling salesman, and her mother a homemaker. Karla is the oldest of three children and has a younger brother, Logan Valentini, while her sister Tammy was a victim of one of her crimes, and sadly died at 15 years old.

How Did Thierry Bordelais Met His Wife?

The duo met during her trial as his brother was her trial lawyer. They fell in love, and he waited for her to serve a 12-year sentence in prison. The two married in 2005 after she left prison. Their marriage is blessed with three children, two boys and one girl. However, to avoid public scrutiny, they moved frequently and lived in the Antilles before settling in Chateauguay, Quebec.

Reporters kept harassing her and her family, and parents of children who attend the same school as Karla’s children protested. As a result, Karla left Chateauguay and has been living in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield without her husband and children since January 2020.

What is The Deadly Conquest of Karla Homolka?

Karla Homolka was a notorious serial killer. When she was young, she would read and draw. Later on, she became fascinated with crime stories after reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries. As she got older, her interest in crime stories increased, and when she started taking drugs in her teenage years, things took a turn for the worse. At 17 years old, she met a guy named Paul Bernando at a convention in Toronto. After a short conversation, they had sex and realized they had similar sadomasochist desires.

Their relationship developed into dark oblivion of sex, drugs and murders. The couple’s first victim was Karla’s 15-year-old sister Tammy. Bernardo became attracted to her, and Karla helped him rape Tammy by giving her a small dose of Valium. The first time she survived; however, Karla gave her the anaesthetic agent halothane the second time. Tammy was still sleeping while being raped, and later died in her sleep after choking on her own vomit.

The two hesitated to call 9-1-1, and before they did, they hid the evidence and moved Tammy to her basement bedroom. It was already too late for Tammy when the ambulance arrived, and she was pronounced dead at St. Catherines General Hospital.

The second victim’s name wasn’t revealed in the media and is known as Jane Doe. Karla befriended a 15-year-old girl and after a night out drinking on 7 June 1991, Homolka put Halcion in the girl’s drinks and raped her herself before Bernardo. A few months later, Paul and Karla repeated their actions. The girl stopped breathing at one point during the rape but eventually survived. At first, she wasn’t aware of the sexual assault.

The next victim was a 14-year-old Leslie Mahaffy, whom Paul found locked outside her house on 15 June 1991. He blindfolded her and forced her into his car and drove to his and Karla’s home. They videotaped the raping of the poor girl, which was later played at Paul’s trial. During the rape, Leslie’s blindfold began to drop, and when she saw their faces, Paul and Karla decided her fate.

They dismembered her body and encased each part of her remains in concrete, which they later dumped in Lake Gibson. One block of cement remained on the lake’s surface and was found by Michael Doucette and his son Michael Jr during one of their fishing trips. Leslie was identified through an orthodontic appliance.

Her last victim before being apprehended was 15-year-old, Kristen French. The duo sodomized, tortured, and raped her over the Easter weekend, then killed her and dumped her nude body in a ditch in Burlington on 30 April 1992. Hair on her head was removed, and Karla testified that she cut the hair to impede identification.

Karla and Paul were arrested in 1993, and after lengthy and highly publicized trials, Karla struck a deal with the authorities and served a 12-year sentence for manslaughter. On the other hand, her now ex-husband received life imprisonment and a dangerous offender designation.

She claimed that she was an unwilling accomplice to her husband, who threatened her life, and that she was a victim of domestic violence. However, videotapes were kept secret for a long time, and the tapes showed Karla as one of the participants in the crimes, and that she enjoyed abusing her victims sexually. All the drugs the couple used to alter their victims’ conscious minds Karal took from her workplace, a veterinarian clinic in St. Catherines, which demanded a lot of forethought.

When videotapes became public knowledge, many thought that the deal she had should have been called off. However, the deal stood, and Karla was released in 2005; the people hated her, and many didn’t want her in their neighbourhood. She tried to change her name to Emily Chiara Tremblay, but her request was rejected.

Nurses refused to care for Karla after she gave birth to her son, and as a result, she moved to different parts of the world, and even lived in the Antilles for some time.


Karla Homolka was an evil woman tagged with that image for life. She assisted her ex-husband, Paul Bernardo, in the murder and rape of at least three teenagers in Ontario between 1990 and 1992. She drew international attention after being found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to only twelve years in prison. Since then, her life has become the subject of scrutiny from people who want to know more about his current husband, Thierry Bordelais.

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