Tony Buzbee Biography, Nationality, Professional Life, Personality and Family

Tony Buzbee is a legal attorney at Susan Godfrey LLP in Houston. He found his law to be strong in 2000.

Profile Summary

Full Name Marius Guardiola
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1968
Nationality American
Occupation Lawyer and Politician.
Net Worth $700 million

Early Life of Tony Buzbee

He grew up poor in his early life, his grandfather was a butcher and a high school cafeteria waiter, he was his own child. He later attended Texas A&M University and this opportunity came through earning an ROTC scholarship.

Tony Buzbee

During his studies he served as a battalion commander in the cadet corps. He was later named a designated naval graduate after graduation and underwent special physical and mental screening.

In support of the Marines, Buzbee was assigned as the commanding officer of the elite recon company of the historic 1st Marine Regiment. While serving as a Special Forces officer, Buzbee was awarded several awards as well as top leadership honors from the Navy Dive School and the formidable ARC.

Family Information

Was married to Joe Benson in 1991 and later divorced in 2017. They had four children at that time. So far we have not been able to get any update on the names of his children.

Tony Buzbee Dating Facts

As part of a 28th birthday celebration, Moody, 52, marked the end of her May and December romance with young-at-heart Buzbee. He then talks about the age difference. “We look forward to partnering to do great things in Houston and Texas.” From that thought, I went into the engagement and the ring through a grand ceremony.’

Career Path of Tony Buzbee

Judge Samuel B. of the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas. Began his career in the legal profession by serving as an explanatory attorney in Kent. And later he signed various achievements in this law.

Tony Buzbee Net Worth

Tony Buzbee is an internationally recognized trial lawyer with an estimated net worth of $700 million. which he earns by way of remuneration for performing the duties of his profession.


Tony had an outstanding academic achievement, Buzbee earned an honors graduate degree in Marine Corps training and had the top leadership score among more than 200 different Marine lieutenants.

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