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The American dream was cut tragically short, and some cruel killers are still somewhere out there. However, this immigrant’s family refuses to stop searching. 7’s Patrick Fraser with Out for Justice.

Profile Summary

Full Name Victor Evora
Gender Male
Origin Cuba
Profession Roof Repair
Murder Type mechanical asphyxia.

The Tale of Victor Evora

Victor and Martha Evora came from Cuba in the 1970s to start a new life. A new life — together.

Martha Evora: “He was very in love with me, and that’s the truth.”

They loved America, loved working and even as he grew older, Victor continued to do what he was great at, repairing roofs.

Miami Detective Andy Arrostegui: “He would go out and do minor patches on a roof, because a lot of people knew him in the Miami area.”

On August 18, 2006, Victor got up early and went outside to get ready for the work day. After sunrise, Martha came out to check on him.

Andy Arrostegui: “When she found the front door to the home ajar, she started coming outside calling his name and she found the victim laying right here.”

Martha Evora: “I looked toward the green bins and I saw him. I started screaming.”

Victor had been murdered, dying in a cruel, horrible way.

Martha Evora: “His mouth was covered. His eyes weren’t covered, but his mouth was.”

Andy Arrostegui: “They rolled duct tape all throughout his face and, as a matter of fact, the medical examiner’s cause of death was ruled a homicide as a cause of mechanical asphyxia.”

Detectives believe Victor was attacked by two or more people when he came outside, and that he fought and fought.

Andy Arrostegui: “There were some bloodstains found along the wall on the exterior of the home. That, along with some injuries on his hands, leads us to believe that he did put up some type of struggle.”

But Victor was outnumbered. The attackers forced him to open his safe, and police believe they took some coins he had and fled leaving Victor behind, unable to breathe.

Andy Arrostegui: “Very very violent murder of an individual who really didn’t deserve to die.”

Detectives say around the time Victor was murdered there was a similar case nearby. Another elderly man was robbed and forced to open his safe. That victim survived and the robbers were caught, which brings up the question are they the same ones who murdered Victor?

Andy Arrostegui: “We believe that there might be some connection to those individuals, and even though some of them are in custody we don’t have any definite evidence at this time. No conclusive evidence that they were involved in this homicide.”

Three and a half years later, Detective Arrostegui is still looking for the piece of evidence that could prove who killed Victor. The one call, the one clue.

Miami Detective Andy Arrostegui: “We’re very confident that someone will come forward. We’ve talked to numerous individuals. We feel that we are on a track as of this moment that could possibly solve this homicide. However, we need more.”

More evidence to nab men who would duct tape an elderly man’s face, and more evidence that would make Martha feel a little safer.

Andy Arrostegui: “She has never regained her composure, and is still very afraid. She still lives under lock and key, 24 hours a day and it’s just sad. It’s very sad.”

Very sad; She lost the love of her life and lost her love for life.

Martha Evora: “I have no one. I have no family; my mother and my sister are in Cuba.”


Brutal killers took Victor Evora’s life. Now police want to put them away for life.

If you have any information about the murder of Victor Evora, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward.


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