What Do You Know About Amala Satyanath Pothen?

Who Is Amala Satyanath Pothen?

Amala Satyanath Pothen is the wife of Pratap Pothen, who became an Indian actor and filmmaker. Pothen is an Indian woman, who is famous as the second wife of Pratap Pothen. Amala Satyanath Pothen is said to be between 65 and 70 years old, which is similar to Pratap Pothen’s age. She lost her husband at the age of 70. Amala is known to have had a daughter with Pratap named Keya Pothen.

Amala Satyanath Pothen and her husband, Pratap Pothen

Meet Amala Satyanath’s Husband, Pratap Pothen

Pratap Pothen is the husband of Amala Satyanath. Pratap was an Indian actor and filmmaker who acted in about 100 films and directed 12 films. He appeared in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu as well as Hindi films. He also worked as a scriptwriter and producer for films.


Pratap was born in Trivandrum, Kerala on 13 August 1952. His father Kolathinkal Pothan was a businessman who died when Pratap was 15 years old. Pratap had five siblings, including an elder brother, Hari Pothan, who also worked as a film producer.

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