What Do You Know About Joyce Vanraden?

Joyce Vanraden, Who Is She?

Joyce Vanraden to investigate is the mother of actress Paula Patton. There aren’t many details about her, on the other hand, her daughter, Paula was born in Los Angeles, California, to lawyers Charles and Joyce Patton.

Where The Actress Mentioned Her Mother

The actress explained how to make her mother’s fried chicken recipe in a March 4 Instagram video while decked out in an apron. However, as soon as she revealed her orders, fans were incensed and attacked everything from the dish to Paula’s skills.

It turns out that the actress can take the heat and won’t leave the kitchen. Since everyone has a different method of doing things, everything is fine, Paula wrote on April 5 on Instagram. And while I’ll take advice and experiment with different fried chicken recipes, I’ll always prepare my mother’s chicken the same way.


Paula Patton Mother’s Fried Chicken Recipe Information

Paula’s oil seasoning was one of her main faults. One Twitter user commented on a TikTok video with the message “Paula Patton just killed my day.” The TikTok user was taken aback by Paula’s strategy of washing and seasoning her chicken as it cooked in the fat. The user yelled, “In the grease?” You’re seasoning oil, the writer exclaims.

On Twitter, others also voiced their disappointment, with one person noting, “Paula Patton’s chicken was left pink since she neglected to properly wash, season, season the flour, and season the oil. I’ve pressed 911.”

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