What Do You Know About Matewa Kiritapu?

Who Is Matewa Kiritapu?

Matewa Kiritapu is an 8-year-old child actress popularly known as the youngest daughter of actor and filmmaker Taika Waititi. She made her acting debut with her sister Te Hinekahu in 2022 in a movie directed and written by their father. Here is what we know so far about Taika’s daughter.

Matewa, her sister and her father

How old is Matewa Kiritapu?

Matewa Kiritapu (aged 8 years as of May 2023) was born on 11 August 2015. Her zodiac sign is Leo. She has an older sister Te Hinekahu born 20 May 2012. Was Matewa Kiritapu in Thor? Matewa Kiritapu is featured in the movie. She played the character of the Asgardian Kid in Thor: Love and Thunder alongside her older sister Te Hinekahu.


Taika has two daughters, Te Hinekahu and Matewa. They shared their first on-screen gig in 2022 when they played the roles of the Asgardian children. Taika shares a special bond with his daughters and enjoys having them on set when he is working.

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