What Do You Know About Noah Galvin Transgender?

Who is Noah Galvin?

Noah Galvin is an American actor who is recognized for his roles in different Tv works and movies like The Real O’Neals, The Good Doctor, and many others.

Noah Galvin

Starting his career with Broadway and many other signature theatres acts, he got into Television and made a decent career with his debut. Now, he has hundreds of thousands of followers on different platforms and his acting is appreciated very often.

Well, it seems like people are interested in finding out more about his personal life, sexual orientation, and related matters. Here is some answers to those questions,

Is A Noah Galvin A Transgender?

Noah Galvin is well known to be a part of the LQBTQ+ community but is not actually a transgender himself and doesn’t identify as trans. He is a cis male actor whose pronouns are he/him, and he has recently announced his engagement to another actor – Ben Glatt.

Although we can’t confirm with absolute certainty whether or not Noah is trans, his throwback Thursday photos he posts fairly frequently on his Instagram leads us to believe that he isn’t trans. Noah was always masculine, presenting and featuring characteristics of a biological male.


Noah Galvin lives as an openly gay man and announced his engagement to Ben Platt in November 2022. He came out as gay at 14, and even though it’s not mentioned anywhere, I guess he has a good relationship with his family, even though his father is catholic and his mother is Jewish.

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