What Happened To Gerry Charlebois Wife?

What Happened To His Wife? Where Is She Now?

Gerry Charlebois was about to marry Julie Mann, his future wife.

Julie was his girlfriend at the time, and she was very open with the media about Charlebois’ death.

Our close sources have not been able to pinpoint Julie’s current location.

However, she was still working as the operations manager at Birds in Paradise in 2014. On Kauai, Birds in Paradise is a powered hang glider school and tour company. Charlebois was the school’s owner, and the couple ran the school together.

Julie most likely inherited the school and is running it with the sole purpose of carrying on the legacy of her late boyfriend.

Husband Death Cause Crash Explored

Gerry Charlebois died as a result of a plane crash in March 2014. In Special Light-Sport Aircraft, he was the pilot and Mark McKenzie was the only passenger.

Birds in Paradise, Charlebois’ pilot school, owned the aircraft. The crash was the first in the area since a plane crash in 2011. The entire state mourned Charlebois’s death that day, as expected.


Gerry Charlebois’s age was 54 years old at the time of his death in 2014.

Given his extensive experience in the field, he was most likely one of the world’s top ultralight pilots. In 1990, Charlebois founded the company and obtained an FAA certificate for his aircraft.

He was also named photojournalist of the year by the US Ultralight Association in 1997. Charlebois also produced two Kaua’i films, “Epic Kaua’i” and “Extreme Kaua’i.”

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