What Happened To Jayrip Death Video?

The Jayrip death video is currently going viral on the internet. The entire social media platform has been stirred up by this video, and internet users are interested in knowing more.

People are interested in learning more about this  Jayrip Death Video. Continue reading this blog for all the information about this Video if you want to know the answers to these questions as well.

According to the most recent information, a teenage rapper named Jayripk was killed in a gang-related shooting. People who witnessed the killing were shocked to see children involved.

Who was JAYRIP?

Jayrip was a 13 years old when he passed away, as per the reports. Several people who knew him voiced their feelings toward him and stated that he was trying to change and get out of the mess he was in. The teen was a Bronx native. He was engaged in illegal activities after falling under the spell of the wrong firm. It has been claimed that the gangs have infected the area where he grew up.


How Did He Actually Die?

Surveillance video obtained by ABC 7 shows the suspect tapping 16-year-old victim James Solano on his shoulder outside the King Deli and Grocery on Boston Road near East 166th Street in Morrisania around 12:10 p.m. Wednesday.

The suspect then reaches into his jacket and waits for the teen to pass him before he pulls out a gun and fires at him right outside the door of the bodega. The teen, who was shot once in the neck, ran into the deli, where he collapsed, cops said. 


Jayrip’s death video can still be found on some social media handles.

Solano, who lived around the corner from the scene, was rushed to Lincoln Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. Solano and the gunman were talking in the moments before the shooting, though the motive for the attack was unclear Thursday morning.

It also was unclear whether the two men knew each other. The shooter has not yet been arrested.

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