What Happened to Monae Alvarado Husband?

Monae Alvarado is a transsexual dissident who met her better half, Adriel Alvarado, while imprisoned at a Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution.

How Did Monae Alvarado Meet The Husband?

Monae, 29, was captured before her change and was detained by her introduction to the world orientation; they were both being housed in a medium-security prison for men.

Monae and husband

She was detained for thievery, while Adriel was spending time in jail for unlawful firearm proprietorship in the wake of breaking parole on a past third-degree murder conviction, the condemning of which was by and by connected to his unlawful weapon ownership.

Who Is Monae Spouse and What Happened To Him?

Adriel Alvarado is a previous gangster who has carried out a six-year punishment for weapon ownership and group movement and is the spouse of transsexual extremist, Monae Alvarado. He got delivered in 2020.

Adriel is the child of Yolanda and Adriel Alvarado and was born in Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia. He met his Monae Alvarado in the pantry at the Philadelphia jail. Monae is a transsexual lady who was condemned to three years for robbery. She got delivered in 2017.

In spite of the way that the 2012 Jail Rape Elimination Act (PREA Standards) urges organizations to really focus on LGBTQ endlessly individuals who don’t match orientation generalizations, Monae was not given the choice of going to a ladies’ jail office until 2015.

Twitter Tribute Adriel Alvarado, the spouse of Monae Alvarado, has apparently died. He has been apparently wounded to death. In any case, his tribute has not been delivered at this point.


Monae affirmed the insight about her better half’s passing through her youtube channel. She has posted a recognition video in memory of her late spouse. Similarly, fans have likewise posted numerous recognitions on Twitter.

Both Adriel and Monae have detailed different struggles and provocation from the two officials and convicts. Adriel claims that individuals from his pack bounced and cut him on various occasions.

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