What Is It About Clive Myrie Neck Surgery?

People are curious how the British journalist Clive Myrie got a scar on his neck. Here are all the details on his surgery and illness.

Who Is Clive Myrie?

Clive Myrie is a British journalist, presenter, and newsreader for the BBC. The journalist is also the host of the long-running BBC quiz show Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind.

Myrie had joined BBC as a trainee local radio reporter in 1987 on the corporation’s graduate journalism program.

In 1988, his first assignment was as a reporter for Radio Bristol, returning to BBC after a year with Independent Radio News. He then reported for Points West and later BBC Television and Radio News.

In 1996, he became BBC foreign correspondent and has since reported from more than 80 countries. In February 2022, he traveled to Ukraine as the anchor for the BBC coverage of the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

The brave reporter is frequently updating the state of war and condition while staying in Kyiv, Ukraine.

How Did Clive Myrie Get Scar On His Neck?

The viewers are concerned about the health and well-being of the BBC journalist Clive Myrie who is bravely reporting from Kyiv, Ukraine. Clive made a cut-throat gesture on TV which left quite a stir on the internet and has left the viewers confused.

The journalist has not opened up about his medical condition and his neck scar as of now. He has not disclosed any health-related issues.

He may not have any illness and has not gone through any surgeries.

The reporter was recently seen reporting from an under attack place of Ukraine. As per reports, he had changed into a bulletproof vest while reporting.

Amid it, people were concerned whether he had some injuries. He has not updated anything on it but hopefully, he is in safe and sound condition.


BBC news broadcaster Clive Myrie alongside the broadcaster’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet has been regularly updating the viewers on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

Myrie now has left Ukraine expressing his empathy on Twitter for those fleeing the conflict. He revealed on Sunday, March 6, that he had crossed the border into Moldova before driving across the country to reach Romania.

He documented his journey in a series of tweets, beginning with a picture of his BBC colleague, Ian Jonas, crossing a bridge from Ukraine into Moldova.

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