What Is It About Tyna Robertson?

Tyna Robertson, the biological mother of college football player Kennedy Urlacher, has been at the center of controversy and scandal involving her, Brian Urlacher, and their son, Kennedy.
Brian Urlacher, a former long-time NFL player, gained recognition during his college football days as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears while studying at the University of New Mexico. His successful football career, which spanned 13 seasons, culminated with him being honored as the NFL Rookie of the Year in 2000.

Who Is Tyna Robertson Famed Son?

Kennedy Urlacher was born to Tyna Karageorge Robertson and former NFL player Brian Urlacher after their short-lived romance. In June 2005, Brian instituted a paternity suit, which led to shared custody of Kennedy after a DNA test confirmed Brian as the biological father.

Tyna Robertson and Ex, Brian Urlacher

Tyna Robertson and Ex, Brian Urlacher

Following the tragic death of Tyna’s fiancé, Ryan, Brian petitioned the Cook County Court to strip Tyna of her joint custody rights, citing concerns about Kennedy’s safety. The current whereabouts of Tyna, Brian Urlacher’s former partner, are unknown. However, she seems to be leading a quiet life after the legal battles with Brian in 2017 and 2018.

Tyna Robertson – The Biological Mother of Kennedy Urlacher

The biological mother of Kennedy Urlacher, Tyna Karageorge Robertson, was once in a romantic relationship with Brian Urlacher, during which time she bore him a son outside of wedlock. Despite being married to different people, Brian and Tyna shared parental responsibilities for Kennedy, with Tyna primarily raising him during his early years.

However, a scandal involving the death of Ryan Karageorge, Tyna’s fiancé, led to a court battle for custody of Kennedy. Brian filed a court application to strip Tyna of her custody rights following Ryan’s death in their apartment in 2017. In response, Tyna filed a defamation lawsuit worth $125 million against Brian, claiming his legal team attempted to portray her as an unfit and murderous mother.


In an emotional appeal in court, Tyna Robertson, the mother of former Bears’ star Brian Urlacher’s 11-year-old son, Kennedy, has requested for her son’s return from Urlacher’s residence in Arizona. The recent death of her husband, Ryan Karageorge, has become a point of contention in the case.

FOX 32 asked Robertson about her involvement in her husband’s death, to which she firmly denied any connection, stating that a review of the police report would clear any doubts. Robertson’s lawyer conveyed that she is not a suspect in her husband’s demise and urged for the return of their son to her house in Illinois.

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