What Is Kaitlyn Maloof’s Age?

Meet Kaitlin Maloof

Kaitlyn Maloof is a race and an actress known for Pete Yorn: Never Go (2022), Santa Claws (2014) and Doritos Stuntdouble (2014).

Kaitlyn Maloof is a stunt performer and was recently seen along with her family on Netflix’s Season 1 of Drive Hard: The Maloof Way.

She and her father and sister will be seen in the show. Her family is known for building engines, stunt driving, and racing which will be shown in the show Drive Hard.

How Old Is Drive Hard cast Kaitlyn Maloof?

Kaitlyn Maloof seems to be in her early 20s, though she  has not disclosed much about her birth date. She has an identical twin sister called Meghan.

Kaitlin Maloof and her twin sister, Meghan

She seems to be a college student, but the information regarding his education and schools remains classified.

From the beginning, she and her fellow siblings have been active in the show with her parents and loved ones. Her eldest sister is Hannah Maloof, and she has a younger brother Trevor.

Maloof seems to be single at the moment and has no boyfriend. Similarly, she has not been open to the relationship in the past to the public.


Kaitlyn Maloof is the daughter of Sammy Maloof, a renowned racer who has been working in the stunt business for almost 25 years.

Sammy is also the founder of Mahloof Racing Engines and has worked in the entertainment industry as a stunt artist.

Kaitlyn grew up surrounded by her family, who is into automobiles and has seen her siblings be stunt drivers, drag racers, and involved in cars.

Maloof apprentices as a professional stunt driver and helps to coordinate and set up stunts to perform them.

Kaitlyn is still learning to become a professional stunt driver. She seems to pull off difficult stunts and competes with her twin sister in friendly matches.

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