What Is Matt Goss Sexuality?

Matt Goss has gained a lot of fans throughout his work. He is known for his captivating voice and charismatic stage presence. But the question of his sexual preference has gotten a lot of people’s attention. This piece looks into the rumors about Matt Goss’s sexual orientation and finds out what the truth is behind the rumors.

Who is Matt Goss?

Matthew Weston Goss is an English singer and artist who also writes his songs. In the 1980s, he was the lead singer of the pop group Bros, in which his twin brother Luke played the drums. Goss has put out five studio records on his own.

Throughout his career, Matt Goss, renowned for his captivating vocal and charismatic stage presence, has amassed a substantial fan base. However, the issue of his sexual orientation has piqued the interest of numerous individuals. This article investigates the allegations and sheds light on the truth behind the speculation.

What Is Matt Goss Sexuality, Is He Gay?

In response to the question of whether or not Matt Goss is gay, the answer is no; he is not gay.

Matt Goss has publicly proclaimed his “absolute love for Scotland,” a sentiment that is intrinsically linked to his relationship with Chantal Brown, a native of Scotland. Since 2021, the couple has been inseparable, compelling Matt to relocate from his 11-year residency in Las Vegas back to his birthplace, London, in order to be with her. Their blossoming romance illustrates how far Matt Goss is willing to go for the contentment he and his partner have found.

Renowned Ex-Girlfriends of Matt Goss

Melanie Sykes

is matt goss gay

In 1992, Matt dated Mel, Boddington’s girlfriend. Matt referred to the mother of two as his “first true love” prior to their separation after five years of marriage.

In 2017, he told the audience at a concert, “My first genuine love? I believe it to be Mel.

“We met many years ago on a blind date. It did not succeed. Both of us moved on and discovered new loves. “I have been in love and out of love. However, we have remained close friends. Therefore, this is for you…”

Elizabeth McCutcheon

is matt goss gay

In 1998, the EastEnders actress Martine allegedly dated Matt. The couple remained tight-lipped about their rumored relationship, but Martine was at the height of her fame as Tiffany Mitchell on the BBC serial opera at the time.


Finally, Matt sexuality is straight, as he was also in a relationship with another lady.

Rebecca Ferguson

is matt goss gay

In 2016, Matt allegedly dated X-Factor sensation Rebecca Ferguson. The former X Factor contestant, who has two children named Karl and Lillie, had previously hinted to Lorraine about going on a date with the other performer.

Matt was more forthcoming about their relationship and previously stated that even though they were no longer together, they remained acquaintances.

He stated to The Sun, “We remain friends.” Rebecca and I had a date, and she was delightful. She is lovely and so talented, but I live in the United States and her family comes first.”

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